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pat k oxford union shotThe referendum is changing Scotland and the impact is unpeeling into unexpected places. Tomorrow sees the launch of Referendum TV with Iain Macwhirter, Lesley Riddoch and Pat Kane hosting a stotious array of characters live from the Edinburgh festival, Venue 41, Hill Street Solo Theatre from 1pm to 2pm, then re-broadcast later on.

It all kicks off tomorrow with guests – novelist Sara Sheridan, part of the recent National Collective Yestival, Dundee band the Orc Mischief and Polish actor Tomak Barkowy.

“Referendum TV will report on the developing stories of the Referendum, we will invite the politicians and key players in the debate, but we will also bring the voice of the grass roots; the people of Scotland who will have their say on the future of Scotland on September 18th.” Go here for viewing and details.
Other guests to include: Michelle Thomson, Business for Scotland, Tommy Sheppard – Comedian runs The Stand Comedy Club, Zara Kitson, journalist Alex Massie, Stephen Paton, cast members of 3000 Trees, about SNP member and lawyer Willie McCrae,  Libby McArthur and Adam Robertson of River City, Christopher Silver and Jack Foster and Sarah Beattie Smith. “Other ‘names’ who’ll be on Blair Jenkins/ValMcDermid/Mike Small and Shooglenifty!” (LOL – Ed)
Pat Kane one of the three hosts has said:
“The indyref has proved the adage that, in the internet age, you don’t bemoan the media – you *become* the media. Referendum TV joins the plethora of blogs, podcasts and social media platforms that have spontaneously risen over the last few years. In the face of an MSM media spectacle that’s been tightly coordinated around a No vote, this “Fifth Estate” has been vital in giving indy supporters, & undecideds, a world of facts, policies and opinions that makes independence feel plausible and thinkable. I hope we can add to this fantastic counter-media with Referendum TV.”
What a great addition to the burgeoning alternative new media that’s flourishing in the wasteland of the old.

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  1. Only one thing to ask,How do I watch the referendum TV? Sorry one more question can I get it on my cable box?

  2. Reblogged this on charlesobrien08 and commented:
    Only one thing to ask,How do I watch the referendum TV? Sorry one more question can I get it on my cable box?

  3. yerkitbreeks says:

    Bring it on

  4. rocky says:

    Referendum TV great idea and overdue. Can’t rely on impartial reporting from BBC/STV, MSM Newspapers.
    Referendum TV will give viewers/listeners/readers more balanced information. I only became involved in the campaign late March 2014. I was waiting and waiting but nothing happening, according to MSM TV/Radio/Newspapers. I had no idea Bella/Wings/Newsnet etc had running for 2years, since 2012. I’m annoyed at the deceit and deception of MSM. Its not democratic, they’re not democratic. This could only be due to silence and secrecy of UK MSM TV Newpaper’s non reporting of events. I would hear the word ‘cybernat’ occassionally. I think it was Ken MacDonald BBC Radio Scotland’s Sunday morning program which finally put me onto your websites. Keep going strong.

  5. Abulhaq says:

    Forget all this stuff. Boris Johnson’s back in the running for Westminster the London media trumpet. If a majority of Scots vote no we can expect not just political marginalisation but irrelevance. The centre will be stronger and we will be exponentially weaker. Could the forthcoming political choice be more clear cut?

  6. JeanU says:

    Gaun yersels! This is good news, and if only I could get my head round it and social media I’d know how it works so am coming to visit to find out!

  7. Linda Wright says:

    That’s a great idea – but you haven’t given us any idea as to how to access it.

    1. bellacaledonia says:

      Yes I have, there’s a link where we say “Go here for viewing and details”, but here it is again:

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