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Malcolm Rifkind

  • Greg Moodie

    You’re Worth It

    Greg Moodie on the Malcolm Rifkind-Jack Straw circus.

    27th Feb'15 15
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    25th Feb'15 30
  • Commentary

    Silly Old Me

    By Mike Small After being stung in the latest Cash for Access ‘scandal’ at Westminster that’s been making all the headlines, Jack Straw has said […]

    23rd Feb'15 61
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    So, the appearance of the heads of Britain’s intelligence services – MI5’s Andrew Parker, MI6’s Sir John Sawers, and GCHQ’s Sir Iain Lobban – before […]

    Douglas Wilson 8th Nov'13 5
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    The Union as Racketeering

    We’re witnessing now the No campaign and the Unionist infrastructure (what old Marxists would call ‘hegemony’) descend into a base language centred around threats and […]

    Mike Small 7th Nov'13 8
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