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  1. Hugo says:

    Brilliant as usual…..liked Rifkind reading ” Advanced Greed” This pair really show up Westminster for what it really is…a place for the pigs to drop their snouts into the trough.

  2. Flower of Scotland says:

    Very good! Completely sums it all up. Thank you.

  3. June Stewart says:

    Excellent as always 🙂 will share when I stop chortling?…

  4. Frederick Robinson says:

    Wasn’t it that Jamie the Saxt/James I who introduced the idea of ‘thirty pound knights’, i.e. a king who sold knighthoods? That was before Westminster, when (he thought) Kings Had Divine Right.

    1. Frederick Robinson says:

      An Elizabethan £ worth about £260 in today’s money, so a Jacobean £ worth, say, £300, a knighthood would increase James’ treasure-chest by £9000; just a bit more than Rifkind (A Scotsman, of course) expects for a day’s unspecified work. ‘They were worth it’.

  5. stephen says:

    Great stuff

  6. Andrew Skea says:

    So MPs who have a value of £5k per day get the same MP salary as MPs who have very little value.
    As a people we probably get a lot more value for money from these guys, while there are many worthless MPs who are not worth their MP salary.

    1. Les says:

      Aye! Right! Start taking your tablets again!

    2. Dean Richardson says:

      These MPs only have any value in their own minds. If they ‘worked’ for nothing, it would still be a raw deal for the taxpayer.

  7. deewal says:

    Sum’s it up perfectly. I don’t know if it’s just me but I didn’t laugh. It’s much more scathing than usual.
    And quite rightly.

  8. Steve McCarthy says:

    Is it true Murphy has announced the seat he will be losing his seat in Parliament from. We know what constituency to spend any holidays we have in. I’m currently in NZ, should I pack sunscreen?

  9. Pedant. says:

    Love the sinister Chinese portrayed in the background! Seems insensitivity and casual racism is a running theme with nationalists on this site?

  10. Pedant. says:

    hahahahah….two men in bed… how hilarious. Homophobe!

    1. I see the desk agent has been in…

      1. bellacaledonia says:

        Yeah, I think it’s a lower grade though

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