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Margaret Thatcher

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    31st Mar'15 52
  • Commentary

    Beyond Personality Politics

    Andrew Gardiner exerts us to go beyond the personalities involved in the referendum and see deeper issues. It is easy to see how personalities can […]

    Andrew Gardiner 30th Aug'14 3
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    Unionism’s Credibility Gap

    The distinguished psephologist Professor John Curtice has suggested that we may expect the turnout for the Scottish Referendum on 18th September to be around 80% […]

    John Warren 16th Apr'14 21
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    Sweet Moderation

    The motto of Fritz Lang’s German expressionist epic Metropolis was a simple but affecting one: “The mediator between head and hand must be heart.” Without […]

    Gavin Falconer 28th Mar'14 5
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    North Star

    “Alex Salmond is right “Cameron doesn’t speak for England, he speaks for a Westminster elite” Go for it, Scotland” – Billy Bragg The last few […]

    Mike Small 8th Feb'14 10
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    Celebrating the Spirit of Envy

    What most struck me last week about Boris Johnson’s speech canonising Margaret Thatcher and thereby, paving the way for his own beatification, was how deeply […]

    Alastair McIntosh 2nd Dec'13 25
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    Fear Factor 1

    Scared at the prospect of running your own country? Terrified about what the future holds? Haunted by nightmarish visions of deep uncertainty? The Fear Factor […]

    5th Sep'13 5
  • Arts & Culture
    George Gunn 1st May'13 4
  • Antifascism

    Brutalism of the Iron Lady

    Thatcher managed to unite nationalists and unionists in shared enmity against her. In addition to the death of Margaret Thatcher, last week marked the 15th […]

    Jamie Maxwell 17th Apr'13 3
  • Film and Animation

    Review: The Iron Lady

    (Streeps) easly as good as Rory Bremner and miles better than Mike Yarwood…

    Kevin Williamson 12th Feb'12 4
  • Anti-Capitalism

    Us Unemployed Expendable Youth

    And there are those that say we should stop talking about Thatcher…

    Fiona MacInnes 16th Oct'11 6
  • Anti-Capitalism

    No Shock Doctrine for Scotland

      “Margaret Thatcher is lying sick in a private hospital bed in Belgravia but her political children have just pushed her agenda further and harder […]

    Mike Small 21st Oct'10 22
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