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Mary Ann Kennedy

  • Arts & Culture

    Bella Caledonia: Songs for Scotland

    This is a musical celebration of Scottish independence at the Òran Mór (gaelic for ‘great melody of life’ or ‘big song’). This is for all who […]

    9th Sep'14 1
  • Commentary

    Bella, the Album

    When we trailed this idea a few days ago a prominent No campaigner scoffed back at us on twitter sneering: “What kind of a blog […]

    Mike Small 21st Aug'14 17
  • Commentary

    Songs for Scotland the Album

    Above the stage at Oran Mor in Glasgow is a painted sign: ‘Let Scotland flourish by telling the truth’. Alasdair Gray painted it there when he heard that […]

    Mike Small 14th Aug'14 0
  • International

    Global Gathering

    Defending Mary Ann Kennedy’s Global Gathering

    Kate Higgins 13th Feb'12 22
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