cover2vWhen we trailed this idea a few days ago a prominent No campaigner scoffed back at us on twitter sneering: “What kind of a blog produces an album?!” with incredulous disdain.

I’m thinking it would make great badge, so thanks for that.

Today we’re launching a brand new project, an album of glorious sounds and songs – a wonderful mash-up of old and new, traditional and contemporary, melancholy and jubilant. It will get you dancing, greeting, and cheering all on the one album.

From the grace of Emily Smith through to frenzy of Shooglenifty, from the Fife vowels of Craig and Charlie to the rich lyrical beauty of our gaelic tradition it’s all here. Putting the hip in our hop we have Stanley Odd, with Loki in full swing and J Duncan Beats join the mix with a re-take of Letter from America. Also features the wonderful: Caman, Mary Ann Kennedy, Scott MacMillan, Colin Grant and Arthur Cormack, Ewan McLennan, Kathleen MacInnes, Tommy Orr, Capercaillie, J Duncan Beats, Ashim, Eilidh Cormack, Calum Barker, Brian McAlpine and Jonny Hardie, Allan Macdonald, Jackie McGuckian, Matt Seattle, and the legendary Dick Gaughan.

Big big thanks to all the artists and to everyone who has worked hard for nothing to put it all together over the last few weeks, particularly Kevin Brown who has done an immense job.

Proceeds go towards supporting Bella.

It’s only a tenner. Buy it HERE.