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    The Case for a Scottish Media Part 1

    Christopher Silver’s podcast to preview his forthcoming book. It’s so good it undermines one of his key points about the weakness of the new media:

    Christopher Silver 28th Sep'15 1
  • Commentary
    12th May'15 46
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    Information Will Find Me

    How the launch of The National signals a shift in Scotland’s media landscape.  Mere months into the post-referendum period, some of the Scottish media has […]

    Susan Le May 26th Nov'14 16
  • Backing Bella

    Backing Bella

    The time for complaining about the media is over, now it’s time to change it. Help us develop in this crucial year ahead. In October […]

    Mike Small 14th Nov'13 2
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    Kevin Williamson 19th Apr'11 14
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