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    RISE: an election post-mortem

    RISE had a brutal election. There’s no disguising that. Fewer than 1000 votes in the Highlands and Islands. Barely 600 in the North East. Losing […]

    Jamie Maxwell 10th May'16 92
  • Holyrood 2016

    Life, Energy, Ideas, Imagination

    Compared to 2014, when Scotland was alive, the scene today is dreich: parties in Holyrood going through the motions; the SNP, a wee bit complacent, […]

    Jim Sillars 11th Mar'16 20
  • Holyrood 2016
    Cat Boyd 5th Mar'16 24
  • Holyrood 2016

    Britain’s Rigged Economy

    RISE this week launched a brand new website and today the first of their campaign videos, from Cat Boyd and Colin Fox. Colin Fox said: […]

    5th Feb'16 26
  • Holyrood 2016

    Rise Announce List

    RISE – Scotland’s Left Alliance has today published the candidates that will contest the regional lists in May’s Scottish Parliament elections bringing some well kent faces […]

    Mike Small 6th Jan'16 48
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    RISE Now

    Ahead of the RISE conference, Jonathon Shafi welcomes the prospect of ‘a parliament shaped by the voices of the independence movement at its best’. The […]

    Jonathon Shafi 30th Nov'15 36
  • Commentary
    12th Nov'15 127
  • New Scotland

    Unity in Diversity

    On Saturday the Marriott Hotel in Glasgow played host to the launch of RISE, a new electoral alliance aiming to deliver socialist representation in the […]

    James McEnaney 31st Aug'15 61
  • Collapsononics

    Anti-Austerity / Pro-Democracy

    Cat Boyd previews the launch of RISE in Glasgow …

    Cat Boyd 28th Aug'15 32
  • Commentary

    The McColm Principle

    The Scottish media are struggling. The Scotsman illustrated their article about RISE with a photo of Tommy Sheridan (who has nothing to do with it). […]

    Mike Small 26th Aug'15 35
  • #Indyref2

    RISE Now

    The phenomenon of people arguing that voting SNP is the answer to all and every problem in the universe is becoming commonplace. There’s also been […]

    Mike Small 24th Aug'15 49
  • New Scotland
    One of a Multitude 23rd Aug'15 120
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