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Scotch Myths

  • Referendum on Independence

    Myth No 5 – Back to the Union

    The Scottish Parliament recently had a debate on Scotland’s future, in which pro-independence MSPs put forward positive and well-reasoned arguments (well, maybe not so much […]

    Doug Daniel 11th Jun'12 12
  • Commentary
    Robin McAlpine 9th Feb'12 19
  • Alex Salmond
    Mike Small 26th Jan'12 39
  • Uncategorized

    Scotch Myths 2

    Scotch Myths No. 2 of an occasional series… MYTH #2: Scotland needs to be part of the massive UK economy. My next myth is about […]

    Doug Daniel 14th Nov'11 19
  • Identity

    Scotch Myths

    MYTH #1: SCOTLAND WOULD LOSE ITS INFLUENCE UNDER INDEPENDENCE This myth is about telling Scots that as an independent nation, we would become non-entities on […]

    Doug Daniel 24th Oct'11 18
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