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Scottish CND

  • Peace activism

    Support Faslane

    Recent reports confirm what we have known for a long time: that the British state is a military state and a military state is a […]

    Mike Small 14th Nov'17 3
  • WMD

    Labour Built the Bomb

    After a treaty banning nuclear weapons is approved at UN backed by 122 countries, Bill Ramsay examines the implications for Scottish and wider UK politics. […]

    Bill Ramsay 10th Jul'17 1
  • Nuclear Free Scotland
    Steven Griffiths 14th Dec'14 31
  • Trident

    Korea Advice

    After David Cameron’s recent visit a Bella reader wrote to Philip Hammond, Secretary of State for Defence seeking reassurance…(click on the big yellow graphic for […]

    Mike Small 25th Apr'13 5
  • Nuclear Free Scotland
    Mike Small 6th Dec'12 0
  • Uncategorized

    The 30 Year Occupation

    This year sees the thirtieth anniversary of the Peace Camp outside Faslane Nuclear Submarine Base on the Gare Loch.

    30th Apr'12 0
  • New Scotland

    Trident – Nowhere to Go

    An independent Scotland means the end of Trident in the UK.

    Brian Quail 23rd Feb'12 16
  • WMD

    Song and Dance

    As Liberal apologists quickly ditched their non-existent ‘anti-Trident commitment’ in the scramble for office, this emssage from Trident Ploughshares, Scottish CND, CND UK and the […]

    Mike Small 12th May'10 0
  • WMD

    Time Up for Trident & the Union

    ‘Nuclear weapons pervade our thinking. Control our behaviour. Administer our societies. Inform our dreams. They bury themselves like meathooks deep in the base of our […]

    Brian Quail 18th Aug'09 2
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