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Scottish Elections

  • Identity

    Green Day

    “Where do you stand on dog turds?” The question was asked in all seriousness at a local hustings. The candidate shuffled, composed himself and answered. […]

    Mike Small 5th May'12 7
  • Referendum on Independence

    Death Quad

    Identity, personal or national, isn’t merely something you have like a passport. It is also something you rediscover daily, like a strange country. Its core […]

    Mike Small 5th Sep'11 15
  • Anti-Capitalism
    James Doleman 16th May'11 27
  • Alex Salmond

    A Liminal Moment

    ‘A relationship is like a shark. It’s got to keep on going forward. What we have is a dead shark.’ – Woody Allen Woody Allen’s […]

    Mike Small 4th May'11 6
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