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  • Economics

    Did the Scots Invent Neoliberalism?

    By Alistair Livingston 1. Introduction On 13 May 1988, prime minister Margaret Thatcher addressed the Scottish Conservative and Unionist party conference in Perth. In the […]

    9th Feb'15 19
  • Commentary

    Handbags and Handshakes

    By Mike Small The idea that £15 million is to be raised for a Thatcher Museum is a perverse one when the whole of Britain […]

    9th Feb'15 33
  • Commentary

    Beyond Personality Politics

    Andrew Gardiner exerts us to go beyond the personalities involved in the referendum and see deeper issues. It is easy to see how personalities can […]

    Andrew Gardiner 30th Aug'14 3
  • Commentary

    Celebrating the Spirit of Envy

    What most struck me last week about Boris Johnson’s speech canonising Margaret Thatcher and thereby, paving the way for his own beatification, was how deeply […]

    Alastair McIntosh 2nd Dec'13 25
  • Antifascism

    Zombie Nation

    Here’s a film by Adam Curtis ‘The Living Dead’ – about how Britain thrives on fictional notions of the past. It’s a powerful reminder of […]

    Mike Small 7th May'13 11
  • Commentary

    Beyond Austerity Unionism

    Thatchers funeral was a gathering of the ruling class. All of the corrupt ‘sirs’, proven war criminals like Tony Blair and Henry Kissinger and the […]

    Jonathon Shafi 17th Apr'13 6
  • Commentary

    Post-Thatcherite Scotland

    Despite desperate (frantic) attempts to re-write history with variations of ‘Scotland never rejected Thatcher’  by an assortment of  scribes (no names necessary*) the reality is, […]

    Mike Small 11th Apr'13 16
  • Antifascism

    The Patriot Prime Minister

    Margaret Thatcher: symbol of liberty and strength. Changed Britain and the world for the better. May she rest in peace. – Rupert Murdoch ‏@rupertmurdoch As […]

    Mike Small 9th Apr'13 9
  • Music


    Here’s our Top 20 of Maggie’s Jukebox… 1. Tramp the Dirt – Elvis Costello 2. Fascist Groove Thang –  H 17 3. Ghost Town – […]

    Mike Small 8th Apr'13 12
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