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Tony Blair

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    The Revenant

      ‘Before we do any-thing, let me tell you this. It is out of the lore and experience of the ancients and of all those […]

    Mike Small 3rd May'17 12
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    Close to the Wire

    By Mike Small Last night someone posted on twitter: “You think you are watching the breakdown but you are watching the fallout from what was […]

    Mike Small 28th Apr'15 11
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    An Unholy Alliance

    ELECTION DIARY As the pressure mounts on Jim Murphy for tonight’s debate Tony Blair stepped out of whatever Gold Digging corporate hellhole he’d been working […]

    7th Apr'15 49
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    31st Mar'15 52
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    Beyond Personality Politics

    Andrew Gardiner exerts us to go beyond the personalities involved in the referendum and see deeper issues. It is easy to see how personalities can […]

    Andrew Gardiner 30th Aug'14 3
  • International

    Iraq, Oil and the Blair Ego

      Are we going back to Iraq? For how long this time? What for? To clear up the mess created by Tony Blair’s regime? It’s […]

    Mike Small 17th Aug'14 14
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    Subliminal John

    The intervention of John Major has overshadowed Gordon Brown stumbling out of the shadows. As dark obscure figures from the past you’d completely forgotten about, […]

    Mike Small 19th Jun'14 9
  • International

    Safer Together?

    Just as we reflect on the security madness of British ‘defence’ policy and the huge opportunity for peace and justice that Yes presents to us, […]

    Mike Small 27th Apr'14 9
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    Dragons and Poodles

    There seemed to be something uncannily familiar about the collapse of the unionist party line which followed the recent revelation in The Guardian about the […]

    David Black 1st Apr'14 17
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    Baron Lang of Monkton Speaks

    You’ve got to admire the sheer chutzpah of Barons and Lords pontificating on democracy. Today a whole parade of ermine will trumpet the need for […]

    Mike Small 30th Jan'14 16
  • New Labour

    Bambi Saves the Union

    Tony Blair’s considerable political skills have been put to great use since he resigned as Prime Minister. Since then he’s been busy bringing peace to […]

    Mike Small 22nd May'12 16
  • Afghanistan

    Red White and Blue Labour

    Just as Brown materialised in fits and starts out of the glaur, Scottish Labour seems to be appearing like some sort of political miasma drifting […]

    Mike Small 14th Sep'11 17
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