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  • Women

    Doing Politics Differently?

    Early this year the Scottish government backed down on plans to build a new ‘super-prison’ for female offenders. Though Scottish Labour, late to the party, […]

    Jen Stout 9th Oct'15 3
  • Feminism
    2nd Apr'15 17
  • Commentary

    Quines for Independence

    By Gillian Martin @misssym – part of our #newvoices  series for the General Election 2015. I think it was around 4am on 19th September that […]

    13th Jan'15 15
  • Women
    Liz Thomson 4th Dec'14 4
  • Gender Equality

    Closer Launch Invitation

    Tomorrow we launch Closer 3 – it’s our magazine written by and for women on independence. It features a spectacular pull-out poster by Rosie Balyuzi, essays […]

    Mike Small 14th Sep'14 0
  • Media

    Closer 3

    Closer 3 comes back from the printers tomorrow. This is the third of four special edition print off-shoots that Bella dabbles in in our down-time. Issue […]

    Mike Small 11th Sep'14 0
  • Women

    Jeane Freeman and Isobel Lindsay

    Two great talks from two leaders of the indy movement and driving forces behind Women for Independence. Jean Freeman on her journey to Yes from […]

    Mike Small 21st Jun'14 3
  • Commentary

    Carolyn Leckie at Yes Kirkcaldy

    Women for Independence representative Carolyn Leckie discusses what Independence means for Women across Scotland. “Independence gives us the chance t have a blank page …”

    Mike Small 21st Apr'14 10
  • Women

    Wean’s World

    When my children were young I never had time to read columns like this, I was like many women simply getting through each day surviving. […]

    Fiona MacInnes 11th Apr'14 7
  • Women


    I feel like Scotland has been swindled. We have been taught to feel grateful for the existence of the UK and that by being part […]

    Mhairi McLellan 8th Mar'14 11
  • Women

    My Journey to Yes

    As part of our ongoing series celebrating International Women’s Day, artist Janie Nicoll argues poetically for a Yes vote as a voice of optimism for […]

    Janie Nicoll 8th Mar'14 6
  • Women
    Lesley Riddoch 8th Mar'14 4
  • Arts & Culture

    Bring It On

    To celebrate International Women’s Day, Women for Independence are holding events and stalls across the country (all details are here). As part of our series […]

    Mary Ann Kennedy 7th Mar'14 7
  • Women

    Moving On

    Flora Napier on Ivor Cutler, bobbing seals, improbably high hedges and getting to Yes. It took a fair chunk of reading, chatting and mulling things […]

    Flora Napier 6th Mar'14 24
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