Carolyn Leckie at Yes Kirkcaldy

Women for Independence representative Carolyn Leckie discusses what Independence means for Women across Scotland.

“Independence gives us the chance t have a blank page …”

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  1. Fay Kennedy. says:

    Great speech. This is the time for a new way and if there are more like you in Scotland and I’m sure there are it will be a great country for the future generations.

  2. thisgreenworld says:

    Caroline makes the clear point that labour or tories offer the same austerity. Since 1979, all UK governments have placed money and individuals higher than democracy and sharing. There is no sign of any of this changing any time soon. If we in Scotland want democracy, we need to vote YES.

    Democracy in Independence is a continuing relationship between people and power, not a one-off argument about creating boundaries between people.

    We have a choice in September between more (‘male’?) centralised, authoritarian, militarised, self-centred reality or a (‘female’?) dispersed, autonomous, participatory, collective and local vision.

    Maybe as well the people in England will want some too and will rediscover their own history of working together for common goals instead of the selfishness embedded in the ongoing Thatcherite/neoliberal austerity (it’s your fault if you’re poor or ill).
    I want the people in England to say “I’ll have what she’s having!”

  3. Alf Baird says:

    Terrific speech, confident and honest. Great that Carolyn has little need of notes, she is in total command of the subject, and that tends to hold an audience better than reading out text. What a contrast with the drivel most ‘Scottish Labour’ MSPs spout at Holyrood. There seems to be growing prospect of a strong Scottish Socialist representation at Holyrood post YES and 2016, hopefully to remove the ‘Scottish Labour’ remnants who have nailed their colours to the mast in supporting the Tories and their LibDem poodles.

    Passed this to my two daughters of voting age, who are both as yet undecideds.

  4. John Gourlay says:

    The real challenge is gaining Independence and standing up for our beliefs afterwards. Making sure that the messages put over just now are still talked about after September.

  5. Loved it, lots to think about and I learned some stuff too.

  6. Alex says:

    Superb. Heartfelt….Unlike scumbag traitor big bux fr treason fat fk gordon broon.

    Thank you Carolyn.

    Vote Yes.

  7. manandboy says:

    Wherever a Yes vote takes us, I know this much-

    If I can see Carolyn Leckie up ahead

    I’ll know I’m on the right track.

  8. braco says:

    Absolutely brilliant speech by Carolyn Leckie! Agree wholeheartedly with manandboy’s sentiments.

    However, whoever decided to aimlessly pan away to take in the crowed during the start of her sumation should rethink their ideas of speech coverage. It gave the completely unfair subconscious message of boredom, and at one of the most important stages in any oratory.

    I am totally aware this is not an issue of gender, but insert a similar edit into either of the other two speakers posted here on Bella from the same evening and consider the damaging presentational effects either would have suffered. Crowed shots at the beginning or end while clapping please!

    Other than that though, a very well shot and lit record of the speeches for all of us unable to attend, so thank you very much to everyone involved. It was much appreciated.

  9. Dinna_fash says:

    Carolyn, that had me greetin.
    Good to see a lassie so passionate about her country.

    Thank you X

  10. Sensibleheid says:

    As a woman, I am so sorry Scotland for neglecting you and no matter what happens I will be voting yes and holding those in charge to account.

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