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  • Yes Scotland

    Yes Campaign Survey

    Dr Iain Black (Heriot Watt University) has been working on an academic survey to capture who took part in the Yes campaign, what they did […]

    29th Jun'15 9
  • Feminism
    2nd Apr'15 17
  • Commentary
    Patrick Scott Hogg 12th Oct'14 198
  • Economics

    Paul Krugman, what the heck?

    It is the UK’s parlous position, that is giving financial markets their ongoing jitters, not Scotland’s economic prospects argues James Meadway. Reading the media representation would […]

    James Meadway 9th Sep'14 34
  • History

    Calvinism, Militarism, Kailyard

    “…the argument for independence does not rest on the notion Scots have been colonised by England, just as it does not rest on that other […]

    Chris Bamberry 12th Aug'14 30
  • Arts & Culture

    Yes Poster Competition

    If you were asked to design a poster that inspires a nation, what would it be? Bella Caledonia and the Scottish Independence Convention have teamed […]

    Mike Small 18th Jul'14 4
  • Commentary

    A Letter to No Voters

    If you vote No, my friends, my brothers and sisters, whoever you think is going to be in charge of your future, it isn’t going […]

    Peter Arnott 26th Jun'14 39
  • Media

    Yes Together

    Who will stand up for this campaign? Who will speak out for us? Who will kick back against the slurs and smears and lies that […]

    Robin McAlpine 19th Jun'14 128
  • Commentary

    Peace of Mind

    Earlier this week the Moderator Designate of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland announced that there would be a reconciliation service held in […]

    Flora Napier 16th May'14 10
  • Events

    Yes East Ayrshire

    Full coverage of the entire Yes East Ayrshire Indy debate that took place in the Palace Theatre in Kilmarnock on Monday 12th May 2014 With […]

    16th May'14 0
  • Commentary

    Permitted Participants

      Apart from the terrible language – ‘Permitted Participants’ suggests others are not permitted – the registration for the Electoral Commission is a marker of […]

    Mike Small 8th May'14 12
  • Commentary

    Permitted Participant

    Three days ago Women for Independence tweeted saying:”‏@WomenForIndy So, in the next few weeks you will see us, @myYesScotland @WeAreNational & @ScotIndConv all as registered […]

    Mike Small 30th Apr'14 29
  • Commentary

    Here Comes Boo Radley

    Here comes the Boo Radley of Scottish politics again. If Gordon Brown did a tour like Gorgeous George it would be called ‘Stepping Out of […]

    Mike Small 23rd Apr'14 19
  • Commentary

    Alan Bissett at Yes Kirkcaldy

    Alan Bissett speaks to Yes Kirkcaldy, March 2014 “The Better Together campaign is about the right of the elites to continue to rule Britain”

    Alan Bissett 21st Apr'14 17
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