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The Yes campaign has been under intense criticism from all sides (even their own). But look what they’ve done … created a network for the mass movement to emerge across the country. This is a formidable achievement with no equivalent. Now we need to help populate and energise those groups. For example there’s way more people who intended to vote Yes than have signed the Declaration. Time to sign up and start getting active …

‘Be part of the biggest community-based campaign in Scotland’s history. Help us build a better nation’ Sign here.

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  1. YES be a part of progress be a part of yes.

  2. Nascent new Yes Eyemouth group, (on Facebook as Haimoo Yes). Offshoot of Yes Berwickshire. Small at first but growing quickly. Started with just 3 – 5 at first meeting. Now much much bigger. First major meeting in Feb. We are ready to get going but already done a stall before Xmas.

    1. Ian Kirkwood says:

      Good for you and all the best of success

  3. Steve Bowers says:

    spread the word people don’t be shy

  4. Catrìona says:

    I saw a map showing local YES groups and was taken aback by the number. I then went on to the NO Better Together site and while they claim to have local groups, I didn’t manage to find them. It would be interesting to see where they are, but more interesting to know whether they exist in more than just name. Maybe there are plenty of them, but it’s unlike NO Better Together to be coy about the strength of their grassroots movement.

  5. majormacbloodnok says:

    I like it. I like it a lot. Who needs tainted Tory millions when you’ve got folk doing it for themselves?

  6. I tried to volunteer with Yes Scotland. I filled in the on line form for volunteering mid december. I’ve still not had a reply. I wrote to Yes Leith about the same time. No reply yet. I guess Yes Scotland has enough volunteers.

    1. Hi William,

      Sorry you’ve had such difficulty – and I’m glad I caught you here. Please send [email protected] an email, and we’ll be in touch asap – and keep you informed on what we’re up to. Also, we’ll be out and about on Saturday to get Drylaw and Pilton canvassed, leafleted and holding stalls.


      We can never, never have enough volunteers!

    2. Alex Wright says:

      Hi William.
      My name’s Sandy Wright and along with a small group of people we have just started a campaigning team based in the North Leith area.
      You are more than welcome to join us, at the beginning of what we hope will be an active and rewarding experience as we help to inform our people of the benefits of voting Yes.
      Just send me an email if you’re interested.
      Cheers, Sandy.

  7. Andrew Mott says:

    What about ‘Yes Kelvin’? Completely different to ‘Yes Maryhill/Kelvin’! 🙂

  8. Ron Wilson says:

    Hey, where are Yes Kintyre? We are active on the ground & are busy, busy. 🙂

  9. bellacaledonia says:

    Yeah I’ve heard there are a few missing. Please add which ones and we’ll check and get it updated

  10. marion mason for Yes St Andrews says:

    Yes St Andrews would like to be included in the map please – thank you!

  11. gerry parker says:

    No cause to become complacent though, if you’ve any spare time, contact your local Yes group and help out in any way you can. It’ll be September before you know it.

  12. Carol Gilmour says:

    Yes Kelty are missing too…. As are Yes Benarty, Yes Cardenden, Yes Lochgelly, Yes Cowdenbeath,

  13. rory says:

    Signed what Declaration? Is there a link so that I can sign my name?

  14. col says:

    Feel free to vote no,vote yes to feel free!

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