Alan Bissett at Yes Kirkcaldy

Alan Bissett speaks to Yes Kirkcaldy, March 2014

“The Better Together campaign is about the right of the elites to continue to rule Britain”

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  1. benmadigan says:

    Thanks for giving people a chance to hear some pro- (pre?) independence arguments
    I have re-blogged all three speeches together – hope i am doing this re-blogging business the right way but fear i am not!!!
    anyway here you are with some pics

  2. gordoz says:

    Alan always speaks well, but this was exceptional and insightful stuff yet again.
    Probably the best on reaching out to undecideds I have heard thus far.

    If you get a chance to hear him live – go and take undecided friends with you. He has a pretty cool inclusive vision of a fairer society for us all in an Independent Scotland.

  3. JDB says:

    The usual paper-thin populist nonsense from Bissett. Did he make one strong point? “Yir granny in Manchester isnae gonnae phone ye up and say ‘That’s it, ah dinnae love ye any more. Beat it.'” Er, correct me if I’m wrong but no-one is saying she will, nor does anyone think a Game of Thrones esque wall of ice is going to be erected between the countries, nor that it’ll take any longer to travel between Scotland and England. ‘They’ll see us prospering; they’ll see us protecting the NHS; protecting the welfare state; building council houses again; industrializing the nation through green energy; using the oil reserves to actually build the country…’ Does anyone suppose he actually listens to himself? (that he rehearses his gesticulations and lectern-thumping, on the other hand, is beyond doubt…) He has no idea who will govern the country in the case of a Yes vote, so this leap into a world of milk and honey is pure supposition

    1. Dinna_fash says:

      Easy to criticise, but can you do any better?

    2. D.J. says:

      JDB – what is your alternative?

    3. D.J. says:

      P.S. JDB – Would be grateful if you could post your alternative vision on YouTube. Thanks.

    4. Doug Daniel says:

      “Er, correct me if I’m wrong but no-one is saying she will”

      Okay, I’ll correct you. That’s exactly what people like Margaret Curran are saying when they talk about how independence will make your English relatives “foreigners”. Why would they talk about it as being a negative consequence of independence unless they were trying to imply that it would loosen family ties?

    5. Michael Taking says:

      Excellent point. What a waste of ears the glib Bissett is, even more so after the Jockholme debacle

  4. manandboy says:

    Too fond of using the word ‘revolution’ when the word ‘referendum’ is so much better.

    It puts people off, especially the learned, the clever and the elderly, who all know better

    I’m not voting in a revolution, Alan, and I’ll bet that very few others are either.

    Apart from that, and a wee bit of anti-Alex, the rest was fine.

  5. Alan, great to see you in Dunoon last week, definately got our money’s worth – more flesh than the Burgh Hall’s used to! -a great night had by all – come back soon. Pure Dead Brilliant!!
    This is your best speech yet – inspirational.

  6. Dinna_fash says:

    Tap it in 😀

  7. Fay Kennedy. says:

    Well Alan I wish I was there. I’m an oldie and your words lifted my spirits down under. Brilliant.

  8. Thomas Barrowman says:

    Brilliant stuff! Keep up the great work 😉

  9. Doug McGregor says:

    “The lights are going on all over Scotland” can we call it the “new Scottish Enlightenment” and draw on the positive aspects of the first one , where Scotland led the way to a new way of looking at the world before the usual suspects corrupted it to their own ends . Adam Smith , son of Kirkcaldy , was a far better human than the other famous son of Kirkcaldy , despite his being claimed by Thatcher.

  10. Elena says:

    Following the debate closely, and not impressed with this

    Just in the first two minutes: “At the moment” – actually one week last July, “we have Home Office vans driving around England” – slight exaggeration, there were 2 vans driving around parts of London, “saying immigrants go home” – if here illegally, but no mention of that detail.

    The vans were an awful idea, piloted for one week, there was huge opposition from the public and all parties (even Nigel Farage), and the scheme was abandoned. But hey, let’s not let facts get in the way. “Parochial, insular, nationalist” – sweet.

    Then. into the third minute, all the political parties at Westminster “come draped in the Union Jack”. Yeah, well, whatever,,,,etc

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