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Yes Kirkcaldy

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    Alan Bissett at Yes Kirkcaldy

    Alan Bissett speaks to Yes Kirkcaldy, March 2014 “The Better Together campaign is about the right of the elites to continue to rule Britain”

    Alan Bissett 21st Apr'14 17
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    Carolyn Leckie at Yes Kirkcaldy

    Women for Independence representative Carolyn Leckie discusses what Independence means for Women across Scotland. “Independence gives us the chance t have a blank page …”

    Mike Small 21st Apr'14 10
  • Film and Animation

    Mike Small at Yes Kirkcaldy

    Mike Small, editor of Bella Caledonia. This is the first of three talks, with Carolyn Leckie and Alan Bissett (March 2014 ) at Yes Kirkcaldy. […]

    Mike Small 20th Apr'14 20
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