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    18th Mar'15 70
  • Commentary

    A Passion for Winning

    Former Sport for Yes leader Michael Stewart is one of three candidates in the running to be named the SNP’s Westminster candidate for Edinburgh West. […]

    8th Jan'15 37
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    What Happened Yesterday on Clydeside?

    On a day when Gordon Brown has announced his resignation from Parliament and the Scotsman newspaper declared that nothing has really changed in Scottish politics; […]

    Peter Arnott 23rd Nov'14 52
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    A New Start for Socialism

    It seems like Allan Grogan agrees with Len McCluskey that Jim Murphy would be a ‘a death sentence for Labour’. So this article isn’t about […]

    Allan Grogan 14th Nov'14 35
  • History

    Calvinism, Militarism, Kailyard

    “…the argument for independence does not rest on the notion Scots have been colonised by England, just as it does not rest on that other […]

    Chris Bamberry 12th Aug'14 30
  • Economics
    Ronnie Morrison 11th Aug'14 29
  • Know Your History
    Mike Small 22nd May'14 6
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    Team Scotland

    Who’ll negotiate our future when we win? Who’s in your Team Scotland?

    Robin McAlpine 16th Apr'14 40
  • Arts & Culture

    Where is Alexander Linklater?

    Where exactly is Alexander Linklater? His description of Scotland (‘The union belongs to the Scots, it’s at the heart of our cultural identity’) suggests he’s […]

    Mike Small 1st Apr'14 13
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    The Yes Campaign is Out of Control

    If you’re ever feeling doubtful…this is the campaign to save the Union in the busiest shopping street in Scotland’s largest city last Saturday (no photo-shopping […]

    Mike Small 3rd Mar'14 24
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    Karen Campbell 26th Feb'14 49
  • International

    Johnny Foreigners

    Calm down dear, nobody’s going to be foreign. I’ve been struck over the years, but especially recently, that the No campaign’s “Solidarity” argument is as […]

    Alyn Smith 21st Jun'13 16
  • Autonomism

    It’s Democracy Stupid

    One of the most telling phrases in modern politics, “It’s the economy, stupid”, was coined by a strategist within Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign office […]

    Christopher Silver 7th Jun'13 11
  • Don't Know

    Don’t Know 8

    I don’t know yet, not on substance but on the issue of  tone and institutions. I hesitate to even write this because I am afraid […]

    Moira Kinross 7th Jun'13 33
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