Ten things to tell your friends about an independent Scotland

A great new video from Yes Scotland …

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  1. Why on earth would oil and gas be excluded when calculating Scotland’s wealth as an independent country? You wont find Canada doing that, or Norway, or any other oil-producing country. Are we so brainwashed by UK unionists that we can no longer think straight?

  2. afedscotland says:

    Hmm, yes oil is again of central importance in the debate. Even from the Green Party there doesn’t seem to be a clear challenging on this line or an alternative vision of independence which seeks to goes much further than the current line on climate change. http://scotlandaf.wordpress.com/2013/05/28/north-sea-oil-hypocrisy/

  3. I am unclear – are the SNP who seem committed to a race to the bottom on corporation tax also intending to nationalise the oil industry or are these figures based on tax revenues from foreign companies who will obviously not engage in any naughty tax avoidance ?

  4. Rachel says:

    My father says the oil is the main reason England doesn’t want to let Scotland go… because it provides too much income and wealth for them and they don’t want to loose it.

  5. AndyS. says:

    Again, the problem is too much headline talking and not enough detail – what stance would any of the pro-independence parties actually take to the oil industry ? Is it a tax approach ?: Is it nationalisation ? what attitude would be taken to establishing sovereign rights on fields in disputed waters, etc, etc.

  6. oighrig says:

    A lot can change in three years. The current political parties may not exist in 2016 or may exist in a different form. The question is whether we trust our Scottish MSPs to manage our resources effectively whether they are the SNP, Greens, or a Labour, Conservative or LibDem type party. A debate on those possibilities would be informative but the 2016 election is too far into the future to formulate definitive policies at this time.

    1. andyshall says:

      I understand what you are saying but it leaves a very big leap of faith IMO.

      1. oighrig says:

        Yes, it does. I’m 69 and I am going to take that leap of faith. I hope you can take it too. I have confidence in myself and in my fellow Scots to choose our MSP’s wisely and then to hold them to account. Then those questions regarding how best to manage our impressive array of resources can be debated and decided, by us and by them.

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