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    Scotland’s Deciding

      It seems Alistair Darling has been cast aside after his disastrous tv debate performance with Salmond, and Gordon Brown has been put in charge […]

    Mike Small 16th Sep'14 34
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    The Audience is taking to the Stage

      Increasingly desperate now, senior Unionist figures in Scotland are beginning to look like children on the beach digging a moat to stop the incoming tide. […]

    Mike Small 2nd Sep'14 20
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    24th Jul'14 19
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    Scotland Stands with Gaza

    I grew up with two influential political struggles that were a massive influence on me: the Miners Strike (1984/5) and the Anti-Apartheid Movement. One lost, […]

    Mike Small 18th Jul'14 23
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    Yes Iona

    Over 100 people packed out Iona village hall on Sunday night to discuss ‘Scotland’s Future’ in an event organised by YesMull, Bella and folk from […]

    Mike Small 20th May'14 5
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    My first memory of “democracy” was the 1979 devolution referendum. I was 8 years old at the time. Back in those days, when there was […]

    Ian Macdonald 30th Mar'14 4
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    News from Nowhere

    News from Nowhere: Everywhere is peripheral; Everywhere is foreign; Welcome to the world; There is no centre, just place.

    Mike Small 23rd Sep'13 2
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    Saffron Dickson 23rd Sep'13 5
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