A Beautiful Message of Support from Wales

What a great and moving message from our friends in Wales … 

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  1. Now that made me feel very good and grateful to those lovely people.

  2. Da iawn, gyfeillion, diolch o’r galon

    Good on you, Wales!

    Saor Alba

  3. To be honest I came onto this site to tell people about this video which I’ve just seen on WOS.
    Pass it on to as many people as you can.
    Thanks again, Wales.

  4. Aye well I think that the messages from Wales,Cornwall Catalonia and all the rest of the world is really saying “Get up and lead the world its Scotland’s duty”

  5. And the message is bullying will get you knowhere Britannia! Kind of fitting their team collapsed last night! The sun has set on the empire.

  6. Wow that was awesome many thanks for that great clip

  7. After all the stuff that is thrown at us on a daily basis, this is lovely. Really appreciate the support and good wishes. Made me cry!

  8. Wow, that was just magic.
    Get this in cinemas Scotland-wide.

    Thank you Wales, your message is most welcome at this crucial time in our journey.

  9. How wonderful. Thank you Wales, you are already dear to my heart as I lived there for 17 years and all of my family still live there.
    A fantastic video that should be played everywhere in Scotland. Vote YES!

  10. Reblogged this on Jay's Journal and commented:
    Thank you so much Wales…

  11. In the pay of the English they once filled the air with arrows in our direction. Today their love bomb’s are more than welcome, more strength to your arm Wales, keep lobbing them in we will stand still so you don’t miss.


  1. A Beautiful Message of Support from Wales - Speymouth

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