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  • Brexit
    6th Apr'18 21
  • Commentary

    Authentic Nations

    The question of authenticity is crucial for nations storyboarding. A hundred-thousand undergraduate essays must have quoted Benedict Anderson’s “imagined communities” (by the way in Anderson’s […]

    Mike Small 7th Mar'17 29
  • Commentary

    RIC Reflections from Wales

    Translated from Welsh, this article first appeared in the Daily Post in north Wales.  “Welcome, to the People’s Republic of Glasgow!” The audience applauded, all […]

    Angharad Tomos 9th Dec'14 6
  • Austerity Britain
    Steve Rushton 15th Sep'14 11
  • Yes Scotland
    Mike Small 20th Jun'14 12
  • Commentary

    Dragons and Poodles

    There seemed to be something uncannily familiar about the collapse of the unionist party line which followed the recent revelation in The Guardian about the […]

    David Black 1st Apr'14 17
  • rUK

    Wales First?

    In the first of a series of articles we look at the impact of the Scottish constitutional movement from around the rUK and Ireland, Stewart […]

    Stewart McDonald 17th Oct'13 14
  • Referendum on Independence

    The Silk Road

    During the next two years, there will be a referendum on whether Scotland should be an independent country. The outcome of that referendum will either […]

    Leanne Wood 12th Feb'13 11
  • Economics

    The Flottila Effect

    Small countries would never be able to survive the coming economic storms, right? We need to cling on to great stable financial states like, er […]

    Mike Small 2nd Aug'11 3
  • Commentary

    Wales Begins with a Yes

    On the 3rd of March, people in Wales shall be voting on greater powers for the Assembly. This is a huge step forward for the […]

    Ray Bell 25th Feb'11 13
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