New Priorities

By Richard Gunn In post-referendum Scotland, what might be the implications of a YES, BUT (1) approach? Essentially, a YES, BUT approach is a reflection on revolutionary priorities. As such, it offers a perspective on which issues the revolutionary left… Read More ›

Unleash the Hounds

‘To believe in something that has not yet happened always requires faith’, Chris Erskine explores the positives of the referendum and the deeper roots of our crisis. Somewhere, someone in Westminster has issued the command to ‘Unleash the Hounds’. Not those… Read More ›

In Defence of Sillars

By Ben Wray Jim Sillars has merely pointed out the fact that an independent Scotland could challenge the ability of multinational corporations to subvert democracy, and the independence movement should stand behind him for his honesty. The No campaign’s uproar… Read More ›

Toil as Citizenship

Bella has been thinking about work and economy in the context of Occupy, independence, climate change and collapsonomics. Here’s David Graeber: In 1930, John Maynard Keynes predicted that, by century’s end, technology would have advanced sufficiently that countries like Britain… Read More ›

UK Plc

By Jonathon Shafi The state is not a neutral actor in society. It is not a referee between competing interests, nor does it arbitrate contending forces and ideas without interest. The state represents, in concentrated form, the interests of British… Read More ›


By Kate Higgins Most of us are waking leisurely to the prospect of a day aff. If we’re really lucky we’ll get the weather to do something nice. It’s the annual May Day holiday and as with many of these… Read More ›

The Terror of Capitalism

By VIJAY PRAHAD (dedicated to Alex Massie) On Wednesday, April 24, a day after Bangladeshi authorities asked the owners to evacuate their garment factory that employed almost three thousand workers, the building collapsed. The building, Rana Plaza, located in the… Read More ›

On the Road

By Gregor Gall Seven years ago, the Scottish Left Review Press (SLRP) published the original Is There a Scottish Road to Socialism? Its purpose was to examine how a road – maybe the road – forward to socialism in Scotland… Read More ›

Just Say Yes

By Cat Boyd With the publication yesterday of Yes Scotland’s response to the STUC’s “Just Scotland” paper, the question is raised again – what would trade unionism look like in an independent Scotland? At his recent appearance at the Jimmy… Read More ›

The Reign in Spain

As British bankers criminality under Libor is laid bare Douglas Wilson looks at endemic Spanish corruption. There are so many corruption scandals going on in Spain at present it is difficult to keep abreast, from the allegations against the Duke… Read More ›

This Little Piggy

By Ian Brotherhood Unless you have a strong stomach you may want to avoid what follows. Seriously. No-one likes stubbing a toe. Anyone who has ever suffered a dislocated or fractured finger will remember the peculiarly nauseating pain. Imagine, then,… Read More ›


This is for those of you who think our current priorities are immoral (I’m with Hazel Henderson ‘Economics is a form of brain damage’) … or those of you not convinced by the voodoo economics of Cameron or Blair, Miliband… Read More ›

Pedagogy of the Connected

By Muhammad Idrees Ahmad In Amusing Ourselves to Death, a prophetic work on the impact of television on culture, the late media scholar Neil Postman compared two dystopias. One was George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-four, a world of strict thought control and surveillance… Read More ›


By Mike Small Gordon Asher and Leigh French’s ‘Crisis Capitalism and Independence Doctrines’ is a critique of the independence movement seen as one that is reformist and shallow in it’s potential to deliver any transformation of Scottish society. It is… Read More ›

Forms of Protest 1

Part one of a new Bella series looking at innovation and forms of protest. Crowdsourcing ideas for the independence movement and exploring social media and social change. First up: Casseroles, Montreal…

JACK**** Republican Party

As the trickle of Unionist propaganda turns into a Union Jacktastic torrent – take refuge in Edinburgh’s (Scotland’s!) finest book shop…with Ewan McVicar, Lorna Waite and pals… Word Power Books invites you to our ‘alternative’ Jubilee celebration – without a… Read More ›

Rebel Cities

“David Harvey provoked a revolution in his field and has inspired a generation of radical intellectuals.” – Naomi Klein Ewan Mcdonald reviews David Harvey’s new book ‘Rebel Cities: From the Right to the City to the Urban Revolution’ and makes… Read More ›

On the Edge

An exceptional work of analysis and vision from one of the most astute observers of the present worldwide revolt. Jerome E. Roos is the founder of (Reflections on a Revolution), and has traveled extensively in southern Europe over the… Read More ›

Serco in Scotland

By Johnny Gailey On Friday 4th May at teatime, whilst the Scottish media’s eyes were firmly fixed on the local election counts being totted across the country, the Scottish Government slipped out the announcement that the preferred bidder for the… Read More ›

Indy Max or the Status Quo

This is the second in our series on #IndyMax  (see also Trident Nowhere to Go here) By Justin Kenrick Four non-nationalist reasons for independence, and one reason against For those voters who could swing the referendum to independence, independence is not… Read More ›