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Easter Rising

Bella is taking a short break for the Easter holidays to have a brief digital detox and gorge on over-packed chocolate items. We will be back with you next week. In the meantime, take a chance to share the details… Read More ›

An Eye for an Aye?

If you were asked to design a poster that inspires a nation, what would it be? Bella, National Collective and Scottish Independence Convention today launch a national prize competition …

Signs of In(ter)dependence

‘The run up to Scottish Referendum has inspired a re-examination the relationships, tensions and dialogues between the constituent parts of the Atlantic Archipelago and its place in the wider international community’. A great line up for this event by the… Read More ›

Bring It On

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Women for Independence are holding events and stalls across the country (all details are here). As part of our series celebrating women’s role in Scottish democracy, we’re delighted to have a guest piece by Mary… Read More ›

Hidden Door

Kicking off our alternative culture feature Dougie Strang reports on the Hidden Door Festival in Edinburgh. I have mixed feelings about the Edinburgh International Festival and Fringe. On the one hand it would be hard to argue against it as… Read More ›

Dear England

… thanks for the belated apologies yesterday. It seemed (well mostly*) sincere, so thanks for that. Apology accepted. Except, well, it was a bit confusing because some of it seemed not to be an apology at all just an excuse… Read More ›

Finnegans Waking?

By Mike Small Closely after Burns was enlisted to support a Yes vote (followed by a scurry of slightly desperate denunciations) along comes James Joyce. Placing Scotland on the periphery of Europe (but in a good way) in Cultural Weapons… Read More ›

Culture Club

By Mike Small The List’s indy issue is really odd. Promising ‘a range of cultural voices’ I thought of all the papers out there The List has managed at last to unearth some No voting creative types. Seems, they hadn’t…. Read More ›

Cafe Democracy

By Lesley Riddoch What’s the connection between the independence referendum, pop up cafes and Helsinki? Bear with me. Restaurants and cafes are rarely seen as centres of radical thought these days. Even though Camille Desmoulins chose the Café de Foy… Read More ›

Slebs for the Union

Dave has suggested that the ‘battle for hearts and minds’ is needed to persuade us useless Scots to stick with Britannia.  The Prime Minister’s outburst came after unfortunate reports that senior UK Tories believed Alistair Darling’s leadership of the No… Read More ›

Indy Rally

Here’s the Indy Rally in words and pictures. All images © Ivon Barthlomew Special thanks to Shaun Craig who recorded all the speeches for us. He said: “There are plenty people catering for the YouTube outlet who are already posting… Read More ›

Calton Calling

By Mike Small Get inspired … aspirational and inspirational talks from Calton Hill … all with thanks to Tim Fraser-Granados from Saor Alba Pictures. HARDEEP KOHLI & ELAINE C SMITH: FM ALEX SALMOND: NICOLA STURGEON: ALLAN GROGAN: DENNIS CANAVAN: MARGO… Read More ›


We’ve been a working on a special project which goes to press today. It’s our new journal Closer which will be launched at The After Party on Sat 21 Sept  at the Bongo Club, Edinburgh. It’s a limited edition newspaper… Read More ›

Protest Overview

This is from Ultraculture who introduce it saying: “Penn State doctoral candidate John Beieler has created a time-lapse visualization of every protest on the planet since 1979. What you’ll see is tiny blips popping off here and there in the… Read More ›

Gaelic Revival

By Arthur Cormack Neil Mcrae (‘What Gaelic Revival?’) quotes a foreword to Bòrd na Gàidhlig’s Annual Report written by me when I was the Bòrd’s Interim Chair. He does so extremely selectively, but that’s nothing new. I’ve tried reasonable debate… Read More ›

The After Party

Part ceilidh, part cabaret, the After Party offers refreshment and respite after the Rally for Independence. Bring everybody. Saturday 21 September, 7.00 – 10.00 pm, Bongo Club, Cowgate, Edinburgh. Tickets £5.00 Buy your tickets here. * * * * *… Read More ›

For Jon Brookes

“Jon was a brilliant drummer, an inspiration, a founding member of The Charlatans, part of our family and a friend to everyone in and around the band. Losing someone who was always so full of life is a tragedy that… Read More ›

Culture Club

“…Sir Jonathan Mills told Scotland on Sunday that he had decided to sidestep politics and would not be commissioning any work about the independence debate for the 2014 [Edinburgh International Festival], which takes place in the final weeks of campaigning before… Read More ›