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    All the Devils

    All the Devils – by Neil Broadfoot reviewed by Lucy Cameron. All the Devils is the third installment of the Doug McGregor/Susie Drummond series written […]

    Lucy Cameron 17th Nov'16 0
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    Stories from a Nation in the Making

    I am gratified someone wrote a book describing some of the cultural components of the 2014 Referendum campaign, because that was what the referendum was […]

    Peter Burnett 14th Nov'16 7
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    Fearghas MacFhionnlaigh 14th Nov'16 10
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    My Bonnie Scotland

    MY BONNIE SCOTLAND by Jim Ferguson reviewed by Thomas Clark Yin wey tae weir intae Jim Ferguson’s poetry micht be tae think aboot it as […]

    12th Nov'16 4
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    Nadine McBay 15th Oct'16 4
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    Determination: how Scotland can become independent by 2021, by Robin McAlpine; Commonweal After “an independence campaign [that] was never more alive than after its loss”, […]

    John Herdman 22nd Sep'16 4
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    Treason and Mutiny with Long John

    The Roch Winds is a ‘treacherous guide’ to Scotland by Cailean Gallagher, Rory Scothorne and Amy Westwell (Luath Press). This trio are ‘revolutionary communists’ and […]

    Mike Small 10th Jun'16 6
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    George Gunn 28th Apr'16 15
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    Lowlands Away

    The scene is familiar to anyone who lives, or has spent time, in the Highlands of Scotland: the ruined village tucked in a glen, surrounded […]

    Dougie Strang 6th Mar'16 22
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    Henry Holland 11th Jan'16 0
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    Technê and Technology

    Review of Dark Mountain issue 8: Technê. ‘I would like to get a certain number of people to think about what tools do to our […]

    Alastair Hulbert 16th Nov'15 3
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    Damned Cannibals!

    If the psyops of the 2014 referendum taught us anything, it’s that ‘narrative’ isn’t just something relevant to storytellers and fiction writers. A recent article […]

    Peter Burnett 4th Nov'15 11
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    Allan Armstrong 13th Aug'15 19
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    Selling Britain

    One of the things that’s happened that makes the whole concept of ‘Britain’ untenable is that it’s been sold. Sold off and sold out. So […]

    Mike Small 22nd May'15 4

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