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  • Scots

    The Tales we Tell Oorsells

    Whaur are the Women? Whaur are the gaels? Whaur are the teuchters? Whaur the fuck even is Huntly?

    Alistair Heather 19th Sep'17 8
  • Commentary

    Prospects for Basic Income

    Is basic income really possible in Scotland? A basic income is an unconditional, non-withdrawable, non-selective payment to every individual citizen. In other words, we all […]

    Ben Simmons 13th Sep'17 17
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    The problem for Theresa May’s constant commands and pleas for ‘Unity” and togetherness is that we live in a state of radical incoherence with multiple […]

    12th Jul'17 8
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    How Soon is Now is Not the Time

    Theresa May has spent months telling everyone that she would not hold a snap election. It would be wrong. “I mean what I say and […]

    Mike Small 18th Apr'17 37
  • Commentary

    Rape Admin

    The government have released the form you have to fill in if you want to claim child benefit after being raped. Here it is.  Survivors […]

    6th Apr'17 0
  • International

    Here Come the Pirates

    In June 2014 we brought Smári McCarthy from Iceland to speak about post-Yes constitutional options and learning from our northern neighbour. He later joined our […]

    Mike Small 31st Oct'16 4
  • Commentary

    Jeremy Corbyn is Not the Issue

    This week starts with the end of a twenty year entryist takeover of the Labour Party. The Blairite missionaries efforts have crumbled like a PFI […]

    Mike Small 26th Sep'16 24
  • Ghetto na Gàidhlig

    Gaoth Bhlàth bhon Ear

    Is iomadh fear agus tè às na h-Eileanan an Iar a choisinn cliù dhaibh fhèin san t-saoghal. Smaoinich air Alasdair MacCoinnich à Steòrnabhagh, an taisgealaiche […]

    Ruairidh MacÌomhair 29th Aug'16 0
  • Arts & Culture
    Karen Mailley-WattRachael Purse 17th Aug'16 0
  • #Indyref2
    Hannah Burke 17th Aug'16 7
  • Austerity Britain
    Karen Gregory 14th Aug'16 6
  • Commentary
    Kirsty Strickland 12th Aug'16 19
  • Uncategorised
    27th Jul'16 8
  • Commentary

    Goodbye to Cameron

    Commenting on today’s cabinet changes Robert Peston has said: “To repeat, this is a HUGE reshuffle – total remaking of government. Massive political, cultural and […]

    14th Jul'16 2

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