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Gerry Hassan

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    The Messenger

    Gerry Hassan’s article ‘Message to the Messengers’  chimed with several recent outbursts exploring discontent in the wider movement in the post-referendum political landscape. As the […]

    Mike Small 20th Dec'14 156
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    Parallel Universes

      In this still-liminal land, everyone is groping about to find meaning, clarity, purpose in the post-referendum Scotland. Longer-term strategies are being explored, schisms resisted, […]

    Mike Small 6th Nov'14 22
  • Books Upside Your Head

    Caledonian Dreaming: Review

    Caledonian Dreaming is a self-reflection for Scotland. It is shows the need for taking a long hard look at ourselves and picks out   of […]

    Willie Sullivan 4th Aug'14 0
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    Generation Yes (ish)

    It’s amazing when young people get involved in politics. It’s fantastic that Scotland’s radical left is finding its feet again. But, just this once, here’s […]

    Alistair Davidson 27th Jul'14 10
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    Compare and Contrast…

      The laziest cliché of the Indy debate so far has been the siren call of those who bemoan the quality of the contributions.  It’s […]

    Kevin Williamson 22nd Nov'13 7
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    Mike Small 8th Oct'13 0
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    The Seven Wonders

    Scotland’s Stories: Imagining and Making Our Own Collective Future Scotland’s future is about greater self-government but at the same time it has to be about […]

    Gerry Hassan 1st Dec'12 3
  • Identity
    Gerry Hassan 4th Jan'12 104
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    For a New Scottish Democracy

    How we Democratise Scotland’s Future: Challenging the Conceit that ‘There is No Other Way’ Likes(1)Dislikes(0)

    Gerry Hassan 8th Dec'11 8
  • Uncategorized
    Kevin Williamson 12th Sep'11 13
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    FED – Ideas to Sustain

    Realpolitik and Bella Caledonia present ‘FED – Ideas Worth Sustaining’, a one-day program of talks, discussions, and, most importantly, ideas. FED takes its cue from […]

    Mike Small 30th Jun'11 1
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    FED – Ideas Worth Sustaining

    On July 11, TEDGlobal will host its first conference in Edinburgh. ‘The Stuff of Life’ is the theme: for just $6,000 you can listen to […]

    Mike Small 22nd Jun'11 1
  • Holyrood 2011
    Kevin Williamson 27th May'11 11
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    Gerry Hassan 7th Apr'11 0
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