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New Labour

  • New Labour
    Donald Adamson 11th Sep'15 23
  • Commentary

    The Cult of Change

    President Obama recently visited his fathers home country of Kenya, a welcome home for Obama, who Kenyans consider a long lost son. The homecoming however […]

    Allan Grogan 1st Aug'15 17
  • Commentary

    Blue Labour

      Yesterday was a historic day. The Daily Record dedicated an eight-page pull out to what they are describing (straight-faced) as ‘extracts from the most […]

    Mike Small 3rd Jun'14 11
  • Commentary
    Christopher Silver 19th Mar'14 30
  • Interview

    Dismantling the British State

    Exclusive interview for Bella Caledonia with Tariq Ali prior to his double-lecture this week in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Likes(0)Dislikes(0)

    Mike Small 10th Mar'14 20
  • Economics

    Escher Politics

    Under pressure from those who feel soiled by sharing a platform with the Tories (though oddly feel no problem in them running our country with […]

    Mike Small 13th May'13 10
  • Commentary

    Lords Lawyers and Racist Tweets

    The hypocrisy of the No campaign and their media cheerleaders is both overwhelming, and, slightly comic. As a touchstone of what’s happened to Labour though […]

    6th May'13 9
  • Autonomism
    Scott Lavery 6th May'13 1
  • New Labour
    Michael Greenwell 4th May'11 9
  • Elections
    Mike Small 20th Mar'11 5
  • Media

    Ed’s Redness

    “Mr Miliband’s problem is that while his message will go down well in Labour heartlands such as Scotland, the election is won elsewhere, in England”. […]

    Mike Small 28th Sep'10 5
  • WMD

    Gosh, I Got It Wrong……..

    In the sort of words never to be uttered by Margaret Thatcher or her successor Tony Blair, let me say out loud and clear: Sometimes […]

    Brian Quail 14th Sep'10 7
  • New Labour

    WMD, Jobs & the Union

    Last weeks announcement by the MoD that Scotland would now be the location for the entire nuclear submarine fleet couldn’t have come at a worse […]

    Mike Small 10th May'09 3
  • New Labour

    Re Joyce

    If your dog dies you can stuff it and keep it in the hall, but it’s no longer your dog. Labour supporters who believe in […]

    Mike Small 9th May'09 2
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