The last few weeks have taken their toll on the Bella Caledonia team so we’re having the weekend off.  I know, how dare we, the world keeps spinning.

But before we down tools and enjoy a couple of days in the gorgeous Scottish countryside we have five of these fantastic commemorative T-shirts to give away.  To win one all you have to do is post something in the Comments section related to the last few weeks.  (And keep it clean, we’re talking about the election).

The five most inspiring/profoundest/perceptive/funniest/ entertaining/banal/curmudgeonly Comments – and they can be reflections/quotes/anecdotes/statistics/jokes/incidents/ruminations – will be sent one of the classic Scottish Spring t-shirts. You can even be anonymous so long as you leave your email (which is required for all Comments anyway).

An impartial observer who is not related to the Editors  will choose the winners.  Closing date is Sunday 10pm.  Winners announced on Monday.  If less than five Comments then the  Editors keep them.  Those are the rules.  Enjoy yer weekend.