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The Weekend Starts Here: Win a Scottish Spring T-shirt

The last few weeks have taken their toll on the Bella Caledonia team so we’re having the weekend off.  I know, how dare we, the world keeps spinning.

But before we down tools and enjoy a couple of days in the gorgeous Scottish countryside we have five of these fantastic commemorative T-shirts to give away.  To win one all you have to do is post something in the Comments section related to the last few weeks.  (And keep it clean, we’re talking about the election).

The five most inspiring/profoundest/perceptive/funniest/ entertaining/banal/curmudgeonly Comments – and they can be reflections/quotes/anecdotes/statistics/jokes/incidents/ruminations – will be sent one of the classic Scottish Spring t-shirts. You can even be anonymous so long as you leave your email (which is required for all Comments anyway).

An impartial observer who is not related to the Editors  will choose the winners.  Closing date is Sunday 10pm.  Winners announced on Monday.  If less than five Comments then the  Editors keep them.  Those are the rules.  Enjoy yer weekend.


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  1. Ian Sanderson says:

    Ian Sanderson
    BBC News – Navy drops bombs off Scottish coast
    BBC News – Navy drops bombs off Scottish coast
    See how the Royal Navy practice dropping bombs and prepare for bomb disposal in one of the remotest parts of the UK

    Ian Sanderson I trust this isn’t the PM’s response to us wanting more powers…!

  2. Scottish republic says:

    Iain Gray : ‘go home and prepare for victory’.

    These words were the undertow of Grey’s ground-breaking Sandwich Shop campaign strategy. A sandwich politician by nature, the grey one found his niche in politics quite by chance whilst doing something in a train station (actually nobody remembers why he was there now, I suspect he was after a Starbucks coffee and some muffin and not necessarily in that order).

    His courageous efforts were greatly appreciated by all present as he fended off the swarming ‘cuts-protestor granny thugs’ (a mean bunch of grannies at that) but ultimately to no avail. ‘Killing Fields’ Grey wisely made a tactical withdrawal to a safehouse sandwich bunker, yet the tirade by the grumbling grannies (did I mention they were as mean a bunch of grannies as ever walked the Earth) had the teeth is, smelt blood and pursued the noble Grey to his last victorious stand at the now famous battle of ‘The Black Cab Get Away Car’.

    He was little seen for a while after (all warriors need to lick their wounds from time to time) but was heralded as the glorious moral victor by the suddenly appearing Deputy Leader (this was of no little surprise to many who had no notion whatsoever that Labour had a leader never mind a Deputy one) Johann Lamont. Lamont quickly turned on the SNP like a rabid hairy bespectacled terrier, blaming the SNP for this, that and the next thing.

    The epilogue was a Daily Record article (by the now celebrated Labour propaga PRAVDAist Magnus Gardham), showing Salmond having tea and biscuits in a café somewhere calmly talking to the cuts protestors and discussing their issues. Magnus Gardham rightly took this to be some sinister coup by Salmond and chastised him for not meeting them on the more challenging ground of sandwich territory.

    Grey however, went on to win a famous victory for Labour, thus the SNP and Salmond were relegated to the wilderness of the aimless, wandering through the purgatorial desserts of electoral destitution. Unwanted and seen for the hopeless entities they are.

    Grey, a man of his time.

    (should I by some strange betwix and between moment of reality and fantasy actually win, give my T-shirt to Alex Porter at Newsnet, I’m too overweight but thanks anyway)

    Keep up the good work.

  3. ewan morrison says:

    Ha- great minds think alike, fools etc. I was wanting to get one of these made up. Posters too would be good, duvet covers, teacups, handbags. You name it.

  4. ianbeag says:

    ewan – why not add to the collection – a nightshirt proclaiming ‘Alex Salmond for First minister’ and send one to Annabelle!

  5. Dougie Strang says:

    “and it was all yellow.”
    Would that be as in ‘I am Curious…’?

  6. Hi folks!

    Just to confirm that the 5 t-shirts given away in this competition are MEDIUM and SHORT-SLEEVED.

    More styles and designs are available at http://www.RetroRender.com

    Good luck!!

  7. John Ferguson says:

    When you look at the map of Scotland and see the Bracken in bloom. I say, “FEEL THE BUZZ”

  8. I, on the other hand will shortly be making my The nightmare starts here prepare for the Scottish Autumn tee shirts available, ( have to make some monedy before the romantics start the economic melt down )

  9. J McIllaney says:

    Ah – Max McLeod – the improbable voice of unionist doom and gloom! Good luck with your commercial venture based on a message of “No You Can’t” What vision! What inspiration! Did George McLeod and Hugh MacDiarmid not meet in the Committee of 100 to oppose weapons of death? That is the prize of independence – Scotland as a messenger of peace not a vassel if war!

  10. Scottish republic says:

    Labour’s ‘fag packet manifesto’ election pledges : the 2011 Monty Python Labour election campaign will perhaps be best remembered for their ‘knife crime policy’. A policy pushed virulently by 3 Labour politicians : Baker, Grey and Kerr.

    Viewed by Labour as an opportunity to stab the SNP between the eyes with their forthright understanding of knife crime, Baker went onto say that knife crime cost the NHS ‘£500, 000, 000 a year’. Upon hearing such a figure, most sensible people thought it sounded ridiculous, and most sensible people were right, it was indeed ridiculous; but not quite as ridiculous as their half billion estimate being ridiculed by their own Labour supporters about a week later (clearly it required someone in England – a Labour man- to spend a few days researching and producing an actual costing).

    The ‘statistics’ website did the figures and showed the maximum it could cost was at most £10, 000, 000 (at the very most). When questioned about this by Isobel Fraser on the politics show, Baker spluttered out that he’d read these figures from a respectable medical body in a couple of newspapers at some point. The respectable medical body he said he’d quoted denied ever having stated such a ludicrous number of a half a billion pounds. Isobel Fraser (a now quite incredulous BBC Labourite) couldn’t quite believe her ears and almost started screaming at the man suggesting that it was his job to actually do some research rather than quote some things he’d seen in the press. Baker accused Isobel fraser of something and the ‘interview’ ended with Baker looking rather like an unhappy stuffed toy.

    Meanwhile, Grey (being interviewed by another incredulous BBC Labourite) mumbled on mindlessly about Labour responsibly costing an extra 500 places for criminals (people caught possessing knives) with a figure of £20 million. It was quickly calculated that some 3000 extra places would be required and that Labour would cripple and bring down the Scottish prison system almost in the blink of an eye putting both prison officers and prisoners at risk for their safety and lives.

    Kerr, quoted £500 million on TV during an interview but quoted £3 Billion on his election leaflet (and why not, by this time it was a policy costing free for all anyway).

    Labour, showing its sense of class, at the same time produced an election leaflet showing a rather horrid man with a knife in his hand about to stab someone to death and blaming the SNP for it. Previously, this sort of thing might have worked one imagines but 21st century voters took it to mean, ‘Vote Labour or we’ll chib you’.

    Labour’s uncosted first draught of the now infamous ‘fag packet manifesto’ was itself laughed off the stage and re-emerged as the the new improved ‘fag packet manifesto II’, again uncosted but now with a kitchy title that could have originated with the cynical Malcolm Tucker (their political God) from ‘In the Loop’, ‘Fighting for what really matters’. One wonders at the genius of it all…

    Labour did suggest one quite sensible policy on their 2011 fag packet manifesto II that is now widely applauded : ‘to eradicate failed Scottish Labour’ and that was a policy the Scottish people largely got on board with.

    Who says nobody listens to them?

    Should I win, give the T-shirt to the Gray Munchkins.

    1. Scottish republic says:

      I didn’t realise the editors were T-shirt challenged, by all means accept the T-shirt for your own personal use should you wisely chose me as a winner.

  11. Ron Wilson says:

    My election highlight was on the day of the election itself, manning the SNP spot outside the Campbeltown polling station. Now, whilst it’s true that the wise never assume a person’s political allegiances, the little ol’ lady heading towards me was your archetypal Tory/Liberal voter, the bane of the SNP in South Kintyre.
    I was flabbergasted when she gave me the thumbs up, but when she motioned me over & whispered in my ear, “We’re going to give them a hell of a beating tonight”, I knew that something really special was taking place. It still gives me goosebumps when I think back on it!

    1. Scottish republic says:

      Oh, I think Ron’s a winner here Ed.

  12. Steven H says:

    If I win, i’ll wrap my voodoo doll of our esteemed first minister in it (it’s a pretty big doll, better send an XXL), and set it on fire.

    Or – I’ll give one to my friend who’s an SNP staffer, who will doubtlessly laugh, and laugh, and laugh, at me. Imagine the miffed look on my poor unionist face, imagine my clenched jaw, and gritted teeth.

    If that’s not a good reason, I don’t know what is.

  13. bellacaledonia says:

    The weekend is over. Much as I’d like to go back to sunning myself on windy North Berwick beach (sandblasting I think it was called) and Mike likewise to somewhere near Oban, its back to work.

    Our competition is over too. The bad news is that there were too many entries for us editors to keep any of the T-shirts. The good news is that, after the Chosen One selects the chosens ones, five of you will be getting emails later today telling you of your immense good fortune. The suspense…


  14. bellacaledonia says:

    T-shirts will be winging their way to:


    Email us yer addresses and theyll be on their way.

    SCOTTISH REPUBLIC – if you really want us to send Iain Gray one that can be arranged.

    1. Scottish republic says:

      I certainly would wish Grey to receive it.

      A photo à la Sun?

      All over the net.

  15. Ron Wilson says:

    Many thanks for the T-shirt. I may have been successful in your competition, but much less so in tracking down your email address. If you can email me it I’ll send my address by return.

    1. Ron Wilson says:

      My address is:

      112 Millknowe
      Argyll & Bute
      PA28 6HB

      Thanks again for the T-shirt – I might raffle it for Argyll & Bute CA funds. There again I might just parade roon the toon wi’ it!

  16. john ferguson says:

    Hi thanks for the T shirt I am XL Think I’ll keep it for my shroud or then again I’ll wear it every day
    Thanks again John 24 clachan biorach
    Isle of Lewis hs2 0jd

  17. john ferguson says:

    Might have given the wrong Email add this is thr correct one.

  18. john ferguson says:

    Might have given the wrong Email add this is the correct one.

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