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Is Ed a Robot?

Those of us who watched Red Ed celebrate Thatcherism and denounce ‘benefit scroungers’ might be confused about the much heralded ‘transformative speech’. Ed claimed all parties had to be pro-business and revealed he believes the legislation in the eighties that saw Unions neutered was correct before confirming Ed Balls announcement that Labour would do nothing to reverse the Tory-Liberal cuts programme. While other Scottish blogs give platforms to the Labour candidates it’s a bit odd that they are not addressing these more fundamental issues. Scottish Labour can call itself the Bay City Rollers and operate from the Wallace Monument if it likes but if British Labour has these policies they are a disaster for progressive Scotland.

Ed Miliband’s brave new dawn turned out to be a regurgitation of Blairite orthodoxies. But a more worrying issue about our Cicero Rouge is the fact that he appears to be a robot. Do not adjust your sets…

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  1. Yakoub Islam says:

    It’s a mystery what he’s doing as Labour Leader. I understand Blair and Cameron were PR ponies, and we be nice to see a PM with some visible intellectual weight, but there has to be a balance between social skills and intellectual depth. Ed is slightly more human than Brown, but only inasmuchas he’s downloaded a Dale Carnegie programme. I mean, did anyone notice him doing the downward thrust finger-thumb gesture during his speech, a la Hitler? God help us!

  2. David says:

    I understand the importance of “staying on message” but he could at least rephrase it, or listen to the questions being asked and respond directly whilst maintaining his line. This clip is just ridiculous.

  3. James Morton says:

    The government has acted in a reckless and provocative manner – but the unions are wrong to strike while negotiations are ongoing? At a stroke, the idiots swept away anything that might have portrayed them as a credible alternative to the Tories. Support for the cuts while attacking them – keeping tuition fees, demanding that unions sit around a table with people who are acting in bad faith. Praising Thatcher? I mean really? Demanding a cut to vat – have these idiots learned nothing? People worried about their jobs aren’t interested in spending on things they don’t need. They’re worried about fuel bills and food bills, and paying off their mortgages.

    As for the interview – well that’s all I needed to make my mind up. A man desperate to be seen not to have an opinion on anything while attacking everyone else for theirs.

    Where is my SNP application form – I’m outta here!

  4. Siôn Jones says:

    Referred to this morning on the BBC as Ed Moribund, it struck me as the perfect epithet for this man/machine.

    I watched his speech to conference, but totally missed the break in transmission, so enthralled was I by the man’s oratory, and his rhetorical skills. What did he say, again?

  5. Tocasaid says:

    Damn… thought I’d get in first with the petty abuse of a politician. Well, he’s a millionaire so I’m sure that he’s thick skinned. Whatever, this guy is going nowhere. Labour will slump even further behind the Tories as will the Lib Dems leaving….

    an independent Scotland hopefully.


  6. Scottish republic says:

    “Both sides should get around the negotiating table”, despite the statement that “the government has acted wrecklessly.”

    He says all this in a broken loop circuit is malfunctioning as he repeats the same thing cyclically.

    I doubt he’s a robot, he doesn’t have enough personality.

  7. Scottish republic says:

    I’m curious as to why my comments are on premoderation staus?

    1. bellacaledonia says:

      Paranoia. Lawyers, that kind of thing.

      1. Scottish republic says:

        Is everybody on premoderation?

  8. I’m trying to figure out the “good” people getting housing and the “bad” companies getting taxed more. How does that work? Who decides who is deserving? Party Commissars everywhere?

  9. Hazel Lewry says:

    I’m almost (but not quite) as speechless as Ed on this video clip. However, at least he had something to say… over… and over… and over…. and over… and o………..

  10. Doug Daniel says:

    If I was part of the English working class, I’d be wondering why there is no mainstream party looking for my vote.

    The fees thing is typical of modern day politics. They think that in order to sound credible they have to say “well, okay, we would do some of what they’re doing, we just wouldn’t do it quite as much.” They’re letting the right-wing press set the political agenda by pandering to their whims. I mean, how ridiculous is it to say “these fees are WRONG!!! This is SHAMEFUL!!! We will STOP this madness by, err, only having £6,000 fees. Now, everyone look at my Che Guevara t-shirt and pretend I’m a socialist.”

    I dunno what I’m rambling on about now… The guy is a complete plonker, though. A wet flannel. He probably hides when he sees the Tory front benchers coming, in case they give him his daily wedgie. Who could Labour have elected that would have done any different, though? I’d like to think Yvette Cooper, but even if she is one of those rare specimens (i.e. a left leaning Labour MP), her stupid husband would probably have mucked things up anyway.

  11. Alan G says:

    “these strikes are wrong”, can he expand upon some strikes he thinks are not wrong?

    I suspect his real position is “strikes are wrong”.

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