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Ed Miliband

  • Commentary

    From Scotland with Love *

    By Mike Small What a weird empty election campaign characterised by selfies, twitter-spats and endless debate about the outcome itself. Like the political equivalent of […]

    Mike Small 6th May'15 22
  • Greg Moodie

    Turning Back Time

    Greg Moodie on Westminster’s obsession with austerity and the past. Plus Cher.

    Greg Moodie 1st May'15 12
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    A Sense of Belonging

      By Mike Small This morning Scotland is a pariah state, disenfranchised, with a proscribed party on the verge of a landslide victory. You think […]

    Mike Small 1st May'15 67
  • Commentary

    Blukip and the Black Hole

    By Mike Small As the full horror of Nigel Farage emerges into the daylight, the prospect of keeping the Tories out appears alongside the very […]

    17th Apr'15 52
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    31st Mar'15 57
  • Greg Moodie

    Boxing David

    Greg Moodie on ‘The battle for number 10’.

    27th Mar'15 8
  • Commentary

    Blood Money and Boondoggles

    By Mike Small Last night we witnessed Jeremy Paxman, who we’re told was a possible prospective Conservative candidate for Kensington, interview Ed Miliband and, sort […]

    27th Mar'15 26
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    Is Sanity About to Break Out?

    By Peter ArnottAs I write, Ed Miliband has just declared that the Labour Party will not enter in to a coalition with the SNP. Given […]

    16th Mar'15 105
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    Vanilla Politics

    By Mike Small Since Nixon got hit with the description in 1960 as a man you wouldn’t want to buy a second-hand car from he […]

    12th Feb'15 33
  • Greg Moodie

    Five Magic Words

    Greg Moodie on the Labour leader’s recent visit to Scotland.

    30th Jan'15 16
  • Commentary

    The Professor of Angry

    When Labour’s Shadow Attorney General Emily Thornberry tweeted her terrible tweet her leader was said to be “The Professor of Angry”. The bold Douglas Alexander […]

    Mike Small 28th Nov'14 18
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    From Clacton with Hate

    Mike Small asks Who are the narrow nationalists now? Remind us who the Death-Eaters are? Where is the denouncement of bigotry and prejudice? The noise from […]

    Mike Small 10th Oct'14 59
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    Back to Business

    As Alistair Darling and Johann Lamont come together In Manchester to gloat and dwell in unpleasant self-congratulation, how are things going for Labour across the […]

    Mike Small 24th Sep'14 46
  • Commentary

    Scotland’s Deciding

      It seems Alistair Darling has been cast aside after his disastrous tv debate performance with Salmond, and Gordon Brown has been put in charge […]

    Mike Small 16th Sep'14 34
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