Each week we offer you five great things, sites, events, people or projects which we think are Bella-isimo.

Robert Burns1. Come and Have a Go if you Think Your Bard Enough. Tomorrow night there’s the Neu Reekie Burns Supper in the Dissection Room of Summerhall (presumably a vast haggis to be cut up wi’ ready sleight, trenching gushing entrails …). Lineup includes Bella’s own Kevin Williamson doing Tam O’ Shanter, Jackie Kay, The Bum-Clocks, a punk-fusion band with a Burns twist – with Malcolm Ross (Orange Juice, Josef K) and and gypsy-jazzish sounds from Emelle.

If you can’t make it follow the SPL on Twitter at: @ByLeavesWeLive who are tweeting Burns all day. Or read the Makar’s tribute  to get you in the mood here.

Or if you’re hamming up on your Burns for a rendition over the weekend – download this free app to help you. It has 558 of his poems and love songs, a searchable database of every poem written by Burns, a summary of facts about the poet’s life and a guide to hosting a Burns Supper. Here at Open i tunes.

tumblr_mg1c6ew1wy1qe31lco1_2502. On Saturday, Glasgow music-bloggers Aye Tunes (check their Friday Freebie here) and Peenko return for their monthly showcase ‘Scottish Fiction Presents’ getting started with pop-rockers The Yawns. The 13th Note says: “ First up are Plastic Animals who are a Edinburgh five piece who are responsible for a wonderful EP called ‘Automaton’ released earlier this year. Also heading along the M8 from Edinburgh is King Post Kitsch, for what I believe will be his maiden Glasgow gig. Equipped with his band expect a glorious array of fast paced garage rock and songs from new EP ‘Repulsive Sunsets’. Headlining are four boys and one girl who call themselves The Yawns. Nothing yawn inducing about their self titled début album, for which the band are touring to promote the physical release. The album has earned it’s place as one of our favourites of 2013, and a live rendition is not to be missed. 8pm, 6 pounds.” Follow them at: @official13thnot

3. Also on Saturday the award-winning The Man Who Planted Trees returns to Scotland after another dizzying world tour. This adaptation of Jean Giono’s environmental classic tells the inspiring story of a shepherd who plants a forest, acorn by acorn, transforming a barren wasteland. A hilarious puppet show, The Man Who Planted Trees shows us the difference one man (and his dog!) can make to the world.

It’s at the Macrobert, Stirling, this Saturday at 2.30 pm. Details are here.

tumblr_meo7ppn9Z41r1oc3y4. Running Man. NVA’s Creative Director Angus Farquhar has been running for 13 years (not continuously, that would be tiring). His own experiences of training for a marathon led him to question why he ran and put his thoughts onto paper for his 2009 book, The Speed of Light.

We love his ‘Grim Runner’ blog from Japan here:

“Japan takes you by surprise, as if you have been dropped in to spend time with another species, reminding you just what a tough patch we are living through in Britain. It isn’t just that everything is cleaner, brighter, better designed and looked after. It is the way strangers acknowledge each other in public. Centuries of exposure to Buddhist and Shinto philosophy has inculcated a certain level of selflessness in the general population, expressed most clearly as a dedication to public service.”

9e8090394a1695b282ed5e7af89944ad5. Or if January is making you moody, catch From Death to Death and Other Small Tales at Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art: As you might expect in a show dealing with the pleasures, neuroses and agonies of the flesh, sex and death weigh heavily. Notably present is the abject aspect of bodily functions and pleasures, making for a deliciously visceral treat for those with a strong stomach and an open mind…” (The Skinny)


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