Top 10 Unionist Myths – DEBUNKED – BANNED then RE-DEBUNKED

This is a simple video that lays out some basic arguments about the political debate. It’s been banned by the No campaign and taken off You Tube.

Are these really the same people that have been bleating like stuck pigs about press freedom and censorship? Shurely shume mishtake as Yes-leaning Shean might say.

“From passport checks at the border, or our inability to cope with the banking crisis, to anti-Englishness and Mel Gibson movies … Strap yourselves in for the top 10 anti Scottish independence myths of all time – debunked.”

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  1. Charles Patrick O'Brien says:

    Aye well freedom for some is slavery for others,and press freedom is only when it suits the ruling elite.

  2. Jamie Kelly says:

    How did they manage to take it down?

    1. SteveB says:

      I don’t know Jamie, but I want to see it!

  3. KW says:

    And now Re-Banned.

  4. bellacaledonia says:

    and un-banned …

  5. Barbara Gribbon says:

    And now here… Streisand effect, anyone?

  6. AHamilton says:

    Positive, informative and fun it’s got to be a YES proposition.

  7. Jim says:

    Was this taken off Youtube due to a complaint from the no campaign?

    1. Willie Miller says:

      The “Better Together” group had it banned claiming “copyright issues” over some of the footage contained in it. Not because of the truth or otherwise of the content. – Any excuse not to let the information out there.

  8. Derek Izatt says:

    Here you go folks.

  9. Roddy Macdonald says:

    Yes, they pleaded copyright infringement to YouTube but then admitted it was not copyright infringement at all but their alleged ‘duty of care’ to ordinary Scots (presumably the Fettered Together members they enlisted for their launch video whom Jack had re-used in his video).

  10. tartanfever says:

    Jim, I would imagine that’s the case. You Tube don’t want any hassle, and the slightest whiff of a scandal or complaint and they’ll remove it. Expect this to continue, I would suggest that those who do post on You Tube start thinking about posting videos elsewhere as this will only continue.

  11. David McCann says:

    They must really be scared. This is democracy Westminster style.
    However, I think they have blown it here, as more people want to watch a banned video, that simply a Yes video. Hope they ban some more!
    Anyway, Ive posted it on my facebook page.

  12. Doug Daniel says:

    Aye, they’ve well and truly shot themselves in the foot with this one. We don’t talk about politics much at my work, but today I had two people send a link to the video to me – one of whom isn’t even sure what way he’s going to vote yet (leaning towards yes, though). So they’ve well and truly made it go viral.

  13. felibrilu says:

    it’s on YouTube – that’s where it s being drawn! From the comments below it I presume that there has been a copyright challenge for use of some of the footage. More importantly however, the video transcript has been auto-generated and so really is useless for anyone who either prefers to absorb information through reading or who has a hearing impairment which would prevent them from fully accessing the video. It might have greater impact if, after all the effort that’s obviously gone into making and distributing it, someone could have spent a couple of hours creating a decent transcript or captions.

  14. James Coleman says:

    I tried to copy the video on here to my desktop and thought I was successful. But when I replayed it from the Desktop Bella Caledonia came up including the video but it wouldn’t play. Can someone explain?

    Also, why, when I go to the Bella web site the article with the video isn’t shown amongst the articles?
    I’m puzzled and a bit worried. How is it possible for the Better NO-men to do this?

  15. Macart says:

    Pure gold! I feel some quick linking coming on. 🙂

  16. James Coleman says:

    Link to another nonUTube site in case it is ‘lost’ again

  17. felibrilu says:

    @ James – the code to play the video is embedded in the Bella Caledonia post, not the video file itself. I’m not sure how you copied the post but in order to have the video play you would need to be connected to the internet so it can be streamed from YouTube. You can download the file from the Vimeo site – others have posted the link. If you wish you could probably then upload the video to your Facebook page, if you have one, and share the file itself rather than the link to the file if you wish. I can’t see any specific copyright restrictions on how the creators of the video intend it to be shared but as both current uploads – to You Tube and Vimeo – do not appear to have been made by the original creators of the work the rights are not at all clear. @ Roddy. I speculate (without any actual knowledge!) that the people who took part in the original Better Together video signed consent forms which stated that their footage would only be used by the Better Together campaign for specific purposes – hence the dispute. YouTube has a process that can be activated if someone feels their copyright has been breached or that a video has other issues. It’s a perfectly normal practice for any sites that host user-generated content, which may have a multitude of legal issues

  18. radiofreescotland says:
    their requests for a take down will be dealt with in the manner they deserve at RFS
    they , through their admission on Twitter, it was no actually a copyright issue admitted that they actually broke the rules and abused the DMCA take down system.
    At Youtube, Vimeo and Daily Motion the DMCA take down system is automated. and thus they just have to submit a complaint and the video is down.
    This video is actually protected under UK and DMCA regulations.
    Under uk law by the “Fair Dealing” clause which states that use of excerpts are allowed for “criticism and news reporting”, thus it’s perfectly legal.. similar provisions exist under the DMCA called “Fair Use”.
    this was blatantly an attempt at censorship by abusing the DMCA and UK copyright procedures.
    The Better Together obviously have never heard of the “Streisand Effect”
    they have had this video pulled MANY times overnight on verious sites by various uploaders…
    Well they can send all the emails they like.. they’ll be pointed to the regulations and told to “get tae” by RFS

  19. James Coleman says:

    Thanks felibrilu

  20. jonathan pudner says:

    I’m open to hearing both sides of the debate at the moment, but come on, this video is fun and no more. The part where they compared salmond to Chavez and played clips from fox news?? (btw I’ve never heard salmond called a dictator). Also, the idea you can spend nearly 50% of your GDP on a bank bailout is laughable. GDP isn’t a bank account, and like it or not, Scotland would be in the same boat as Spain, Ireland and Greece. Can’t see why it would be ‘banned’ though, it is helpful in its own way.

    1. bellacaledonia says:

      I agree that was a pretty sketchy part of the video. I suppose it’s not intended as a serious economic analysis but polemic, but that was dodgy!

    2. An Duine Gruamach says:

      Jonathan – Holyrood was called “a dictatorship of one man in Bute House” by Anas Sarwar MP during a parliamentary debate. It’s included in the National Collective video. Salmond is also frequently compared to all manner of dictators, see:

  21. Steve Arnott says:

    I don’t think they did compare Salmond to Chavez. Salmond is no Chavez. The point that was being made is that the cry of dictator is one that is easy to make, but shouldn’t stick against democratically elected politicians. I thought this video was excellent – yes, fun – but also cutting to the heart of the absurdity of unionist scaremongering over independence. I’ve posted, promoted and shared as far as my limited resources allow, and I’d urge evry independenista out there to do likewise

  22. Albamac says:

    jonathan pudner says, “I’ve never heard salmond called a dictator”

    Given that most of us are aware of the No campaigners’ fondness for comparing Salmond to creatures like Mugabe and Hitler, that’s difficult enough to believe. To say it when you’ve just watched a video that featured Anas Sarwar describing the First Minister of Scotland as a dictator is … erm … unbelievable!

    Were you paying attention to “both sides of the debate” while you watched it?

  23. Adrian B says:

    Wings did a piece over a year ago now, where links were supplied to each media article at the time.

  24. Clydebuilt says:

    jonathan pudner says, “I’ve never heard salmond called a dictator”

    Anas Sarwar labelled Alex Salmond a dictator from within the commons chamber in Westminster January this year.

  25. Albion says:

    In this video it is claimed that Scots voters have never changed the outcome of a Westminster election. That is not true: In 1964, and in both elections in 1974, Labour would not have won the election without the seats that were won by the Party in Scotland. On all three occasions the number of seats that Labour had more than the Conservatives was fewer in the UK overall than it was in Scotland. So without Scottish votes Harold Wilson would not have won any of those elections. Would the video’s producer care to comment?

  26. andyshalla says:

    Not that much debunking – there is no evidence that Scotland would be an automatic member of the EU despite the predictable “south of England” comments, the passport parallel is the RoI not the Isle of Man, the effect of a loss of civil service and MOD related funding is far from clear, etc, etc.

  27. Peggy Hodgson says:

    How can an independent Scotland have its own immigration rules and at the same time have an open border with England? You forget that the rUK has the final say on this subject. All the statements by the SNP on shared currency, open borders, dual nationality and social compact have to be accepted by the rUK. At the moment most people south of the border seem to want a complete break should Scots vote yes for an independent Scotland. Why after all the
    slagging off of England and the English by some Scots and the prospect of the navies force evacuation should the rUK help an independent Scotland in any way?

  28. KarenKel says:

    As someone who is teetering on a yes vote this video really made me think. It answered a lot of my questions and worries.

    I started to write a serious article on what an independent Scotland may look like but to be completely honest. I just couldn’t get past the ridiculous questions, my answers of which are on my own blog.

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  30. Stephen Dunlop says:

    I love the bit when Milliband says that he would hate his children to need a passport to cross the border!!!!! Someone who edits videos should get that clip and contrast it with what he is saying he would do if Labour win the next General Election.

  31. Katell says:

    Vote Yes everyone, you’re scaring the living shite out of France and Spain. And we thank you for it. Sincerly, the breton cousins.

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