cloudmapWe asked people who Don’t Know how to vote next year to share our concerns in 500 words. All this week we’ll be publishing their entries.

Don’t Know 5

I’ll probably vote Yes but why is there still a probably in that sentence? I feel like I’m in a tired old relationship that has gone stale years ago and the only reason I’m not leaving is I’ve sort of forgotten what true romance feels like. But my new suitor ‘Alba’ has some pretty corny chat-up lines. I want to be wowed and wooed, not told that things will stay pretty much the same.
I realise I may be in the minority here. I get that the Yes campaign wants to reassure people and that lots of people are scared of real change, but the longer this goes on (London’s austerity experiment) the more I realise that the change we need is HUGE.

I don’t want some wee tinkering with the system I want a beautiful new Scotland now, I want it all changed … I want my Scotland utterly transformed.

I don’t believe a word of the daily dirge I hear from the No campaigners and the media, I don’t feel scared of change I just demand more of it. So here’s a plea to Yes and to the Greens, to the SNP and the other indy campaigners – paint me a vision, woo me with some sweet nothings – and my probably will melt away.

But play it too safe and I will not bother. Let’s get excited!!! Let’s do this!!!