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newssourceAre you sick of the daily diet of dreadful news about Scotland? Each day we wake to be told about a new inability.  We have such a wide-ranging set of incompetence:

Oil will make us poor. Universities will be drained of funding. Business will flee. The lights will go out. We will be left defenseless. The world will collapse in on itself if a simple system of democracy is established.

Bella Caledonia is one of the biggest pro-indy news sites there is. But of course size isn’t everything. We offer a new way of thinking about Scotland, we bring you some of the country’s top thinkers, we challenge unionist myths and present new visions of Scotland. We’re the antidote to the relentless dirge you read every day.


David Greig on Why the Debate on Independence Might Be More Interesting Than You Think?
Irvine Welsh on Scottish Independence and British Unity
Lesley Riddoch on Bringing it All Back Home
George Rosie on Losing the Heid
Lucy Conway on Power Sharing

Some blogs aim to confirm the beliefs of the already converted, but that’s not the task any more. We aim to expand ideas and challenge a deeper debate.

We aim to change Scotland. In fact, we aim to transform it. But to do that we need your help. We’re asking you to help us build an alternative media. We can’t do it unless we get your support.

We need our readers to support us. We need to stop hating the media, we need to start being the media.

We face huge challenges in the year ahead but we can win, and you can help us to achieve a historic victory.  Go here to make a difference by supporting Bella.

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  1. I am trying to sign up to receive your posts
    I will cancel herald on my kindle
    But having difficulties

  2. bellacaledonia says:

    Hi Jim – thanks for this – what difficulties are you having? Email me if you’d prefer.

    1. I am 70 ( in jan ) and I only recently learned to use a computer
      I find that I am better taking things at my own speed
      And learn the terminology as I am ready
      I stumbled onto twitter and constantly ask others to help to get more people like me who got our information from the press
      ( if it’s I the papers it must be true )
      When I read your article I decided to stop buying the herald after 40 years ( it’s not the worst ) and have tried to sign up with you

  3. nnels says:

    My favorite is the Scottish Review. It is refreshing to read a blog that contains investigative journalism, views from both sides of the independence debate, views from various parts of the political spectrum, and no comments.

  4. ScottyC1314 says:

    I will bung in a few bob at the end of the month but I cant help but wonder if the clash of campaigns with Newsnet’s fund raiser and with it being so close to Christmas will prove to be an issue for you? Hope my concerns are unfounded and you meet the target.

    1. bellacaledonia says:

      Hi Scotty – could be – we hope not. Don’t know why Newsnet launched just after we did. Support coming in pretty steady and we have a few announcements and events to tell you about pretty soon : ) Any support welcome.

  5. Abulhaq says:

    We must surely be used to this “black propaganda” by now. All our history and culture is perceived in the light of its being “less than”; less than that of our wonderful English neighbour: think Putin re that one. The fact that Scots spout this put down stuff is intolerable. A tempest of change is blowing through Scotland. May it blow unionism, its quislings and their works into history.

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