newssourceAre you sick of the daily diet of dreadful news about Scotland? Each day we wake to be told about a new inability.  We have such a wide-ranging set of incompetence:

Oil will make us poor. Universities will be drained of funding. Business will flee. The lights will go out. We will be left defenseless. The world will collapse in on itself if a simple system of democracy is established.

Bella Caledonia is one of the biggest pro-indy news sites there is. But of course size isn’t everything. We offer a new way of thinking about Scotland, we bring you some of the country’s top thinkers, we challenge unionist myths and present new visions of Scotland. We’re the antidote to the relentless dirge you read every day.


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Lesley Riddoch on Bringing it All Back Home
George Rosie on Losing the Heid
Lucy Conway on Power Sharing

Some blogs aim to confirm the beliefs of the already converted, but that’s not the task any more. We aim to expand ideas and challenge a deeper debate.

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