foulkes_mcconnell_pyjamasBaron Foulkes of Cumnock is back on fine form tweeting today that: “John Major tells our Select Committee that it would take at least 10 years for a separate Scotland to get back into EU”.

We don’t normally report from the Twittersphere but George’s latest pearls of wisdom caught our eye.

Mr Foulkes admiration for the former Tory leader is touching but his comment does seem at odds with reality. With Ukraine knocking at an open door and Scottish Global Forum debunking the entire European catastrophe scenario we recommend he does some more research.

He could for example read Brandon Malone’s demolition of the rUK case here, where he raises a very different note, namely what would be the continuity status of the remainder?.

Malone writes:

Scotland is no rebel breakaway enclave. What is proposed is the democratic, negotiated dissolution of what is, in the grand sweep of history, a comparatively short-lived union. Is it at all credible for the Westminster government to say that, in the event of a Yes vote, rUK will inherit the UK’s treaty benefits, including in particular EU membership, and Scotland will not? Is there a difference in principle between the division of that asset, and other UK assets (and liabilities)? Should it be acceptable to anyone in Scotland, however they may intend to vote, that the UK government should hold such a view of Scotland’s position within the UK?

Back to bed George.