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John Major

  • Greg Moodie

    Westminster Eats Itself

    Greg Moodie on the recent interventions of desperate Westminster politicians.

    Greg Moodie 24th Apr'15 23
  • Commentary

    Major Mayhem

    By Mike Small Lord John Major today briefly displaced Gordon Brown’s position as the ‘Man to Step Out of the Shadows and Save the Union’ […]

    21st Apr'15 31
  • Commentary

    Subliminal John

    The intervention of John Major has overshadowed Gordon Brown stumbling out of the shadows. As dark obscure figures from the past you’d completely forgotten about, […]

    Mike Small 19th Jun'14 9
  • Commentary

    Black Rod and the Bastards

    “First they fight you, then they laugh at you.” The year, as I recall, was 1996, and John Major’s Government was in crisis. On Channel […]

    Gavin Falconer 30th Apr'14 6
  • Arts & Culture

    One Nation Under a Groove

    Do you view attachment to Britain as essential to Scotland’s cultural success? In the endless search for the winner of this contest – we may […]

    Mike Small 17th Dec'13 9
  • Commentary

    The Red Baron Flies Again

    Baron Foulkes of Cumnock is back on fine form tweeting today that: “John Major tells our Select Committee that it would take at least 10 […]

    Mike Small 16th Dec'13 13
  • Austerity Britain

    An Easterhouse Epiphany

    We are sticking to the task. But that doesn’t just mean making difficult decisions on public spending. It also means something more profound. It means […]

    Mike Small 12th Nov'13 52
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