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The Hunger Games


Today Britain’s Invisible Man spoke at The Hunger Games. Actually, he didn’t. Like most of the No campaign he made reference to past events, in this case those wonderful days when we opened the Olympics, Sir Chris Hoy’s thighs glistened, Mr Bean entertained us, and Danny Boyle pretended we still believed in the NHS. He said, recalling that wonderful summer: ‘Team GB – the greatest winning team in the history of the world’.

Many of you will have been immobilised today with the phone ringing off the hook after the PMs plea that our neighbours call Scotland and plead for us vote No.


What’s going on? I thought we weren’t supposed to politicise sport? Remember the cascade of abuse that rained down on Salmond when he celebrated Andy Murray’s victory? Remember only recently when Jack McConnell called for their to be a halt in campaigning during the Commonwealth Games? [okay that was quickly and quietly binned]. Witness the quiet desperation of Johann Lamont’s latest story that supermarket prices would skyrocket. Vote No for cheap Mince. If Alan Little is right [and he probably is] then what’s happening is there’s some real panic going on.

The sharp contradictions and incoherence of the hijacking of a sporting occasion aren’t surprising, symbol and flag-waving is the main content form of the old empire.

Now all of this odd behaviour is circling about a Prime Minister losing grip on reality as he staggers about trying to both direct a hapless campaign and pretend he isn’t. He is Britain’s Invisible Man representing a disappearing union, flickering out of sight before our very eyes.

Anyway, here’s Salmond’s response, make your own mind up:

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  1. James Coleman says:

    Poor Davy no-balls.

  2. Abulhaq says:

    Dave would be more use apeing King Canute on the Somerset Levels.

  3. Flower of Scotland says:

    David Cameron , last Prime Minister of Great Britain !

  4. BillfaeDenny says:

    Trident, Bedroom Tax, Child Poverty, Food Banks etc. are jist wee things. Here’s a Union flag to wave. There, that’s them sorted!

  5. Iain says:

    Cameron is a marvel: in London Olympic Stadium and Glasgow Caledonian University at the same time. Better than Kim Il Sung who could only fly and make himself invisible. Of course, Cameron can do the latter too, so he’s obviously more talented than the Dear Great Leader. That must be why the UK is such a fantastic place to live.

  6. Reblogged this on Bampots Utd and commented:
    mon the alex bampotsutd backs the yes vote being a london based blog we see the divide the north is being robbed by the south the indiffrence in infrastruture proves it

  7. yerkitbreeks says:

    Beware the visit Cameron IS likely to make up here not to debate but to enjoy the sneaky “celebration” of the BEGINNING, NOT END, of the First War, at the time of the Bannockburn event, and his future attempts to rewrite it’s history


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