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Johann Lamont

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    Peter Arnott 2nd Nov'14 25
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    Love’s Labour’s Lost

    As the political fratricide within Labour rumbles on like a sort of Edgar Alan Poe spectacle it’s disconcerting that the person who is on the […]

    Mike Small 26th Oct'14 75
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    Back to Business

    As Alistair Darling and Johann Lamont come together In Manchester to gloat and dwell in unpleasant self-congratulation, how are things going for Labour across the […]

    Mike Small 24th Sep'14 46
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    The Panic Room

    The spin-room has been replaced by the Panic Room. It’s a safe place where you can lock yourself away if intruders threaten your inner sanctum. […]

    Mike Small 9th Sep'14 17
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    Alan Smart 1st Aug'14 29
  • Books Upside Your Head
    James FoleyPeter Ramand 11th Apr'14 15
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    The Better Together Campaign Crisis

    “If you have a pliant media (which doesn’t know what’s happening on the ground anyway), for quite a while you can get away with describing […]

    Robin McAlpine 31st Mar'14 41
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    Labour’s Red Mist

      So it seems Labour’s tantalising dalliance with Red Socialism didn’t last very long. At the beginning of the week the docile commentariat was agog […]

    Mike Small 26th Mar'14 22
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    Certainty and Falsehood

    John S Warren on Douglas Alexander’s asymptotic offer of further Scottish Devolution Douglas Alexander claims in his speech (28th February) that Scotland already has the […]

    John S Warren 1st Mar'14 41
  • Identity

    The Scottish Genome

    Holy crap this is possibly the most stupid thing Johann Lamont has ever said (and that’s a very competitive group): Labour’s gallant leader appears to […]

    Mike Small 26th Feb'14 63
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    The Hunger Games

    Today Britain’s Invisible Man spoke at The Hunger Games. Actually, he didn’t. Like most of the No campaign he made reference to past events, in […]

    Mike Small 7th Feb'14 7
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    Bob versus Bob

    “Duncan Smith is paradox personified. He wept at the plight of the poor yet now hands out punishments that must bring tears to their eyes. […]

    Ben Wray 6th Feb'14 3
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    Wee is Beautiful

    Oh dear, Calamity Johann. After her ‘no such thing as something for nothing’ derision of univeralism, hapless Johann Lamont has hit a new low with […]

    Mike Small 31st Jan'14 17
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    No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

    The Scottish Labour Party may have done itself irreparable damage yesterday with a bizarre and potentially suicidal response to a basic social policy with mass […]

    Mike Small 8th Jan'14 8
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