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Oh dear, Calamity Johann. After her ‘no such thing as something for nothing’ derision of univeralism, hapless Johann Lamont has hit a new low with her worst FMQs performance yet. See her Wee Things comments (here).

Tom Gordon at the Herald put it succinctly: “She came, she saw, she squandered.”

“Johann Lamont had it on a plate yesterday. Bank of England governor Mark Carney had teed things up exquisitely for her with a speech on how a currency union with sterling would force an independent Scotland to “cede sovereignty” to London, a phrase virtually hand-crafted for dinging off Alex Salmond’s bonce.” Alas no.

1794738_738966722780907_271064475_nSeverin Carrell in the Guardian reported: “Promising the phrase would be repeatedly used against Lamont over the next weeks and months, Salmond’s spokesman said her words “betray the utter poverty of vision that Labour have [for Scotland]; it’s going to be a very, very, powerful argument for us in the next few months … it almost beggars belief”.

It is frankly astonishing that she derides childcare as something meaningless. This – as much as her own goal – will haunt her.

But the debate as moved swiftly to how if at all possible Lamont could be replaced, quickly. Early suggestions include five options: her Deputy, the equally gaff-prone Anas Sarwar; her leadership opponent, the likeable but unfortunately forgettable Ken Macintosh (aka The Third Candidate); Kezia Dugdale; the combative but semi-detached Tom Harris MP, and, a surprise early front-runner, Wilson from the hit film Castaway. Wilson, the volley ball, has no parliamentary experience but would have, in his favour a deeper grasp of social policy than the other candidates and could produce a ‘bounce effect’.

Our early soundings suggest this surprise move could unsettle opponents and is certainly worthy of serious consideration by the party.