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Kezia Dugdale

  • General Election 2017
    George Gunn 6th Jun'17 3
  • Moodievision

    MoodieVision: School Of Jock

    Series 2 Episode 11 of MoodieVision animation: School Of Jock The follow-up to ‘Greg Moodie Versus The Union’, ‘Greg Moodie’s Election Dissection’ is a compilation […]

    Greg Moodie 30th Sep'15 6
  • Moodievision
    Greg Moodie 19th Aug'15 2
  • Commentary

    Some Advice for Kezia

    By Peter Arnott As a once upon a time Labour supporter, I sincerely hope that what I’m writing right now will be fish and chip […]

    Peter Arnott 16th May'15 10
  • Greg Moodie

    The Toaster’s Apprentice

    Greg Moodie on the new deputy leader of Labour’s Scottish branch.

    Greg Moodie 19th Dec'14 17
  • Media


    BBC Scotland is in the news again after the announcement that presenter Gary Robertson is facing redundancy. Crowds of protestors gathered yesterday outside Pacific Quay […]

    Mike Small 2nd Jun'14 45
  • Commentary

    Wee is Beautiful

    Oh dear, Calamity Johann. After her ‘no such thing as something for nothing’ derision of univeralism, hapless Johann Lamont has hit a new low with […]

    Mike Small 31st Jan'14 17
  • Commentary

    Running Scared Yet?

    We’re in the midst of a period of great propaganda and it’s worth looking out and back at how this has worked (and failed) elsewhere. […]

    Mike Small 27th Jan'14 7
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