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  1. Congratulations Miriam a brilliant representative of you generation, for you are the most important generation in Scotland right now. For you are the inheritors that will steer Scotland’s future should Sovereignty be delivered, and from your presentation that displayed your passion, your values,
    and intellect what better hands to entrust the nurturing and protection of our beautiful, mystical, magical Scotland As an expatriate Scot I am proud of you, and hopefully more of your generation
    feel just like you for it is them that will realise what a great gift and opportunity along with the responsibility that a Sovereign Scotland will provide for them. The future truly belong to them and
    just imagine how it will feel when you go overseas and someone asks where are you from and you reply Scotland and that’s all it means no confused associated identity, I am a Scot from Scotland.
    That’s the jewel in the crown for me.
    James Dow Melb, Aust,

  2. Fay Kennedy. says:

    What a articulate brilliant young woman. If she is an example of the young in Scotland then there is much to be proud of. I could wish for nothing more than to see her generation and those to follow live and build a Scotland that Scots everywhere in the world can be proud of.

  3. Les Wilson says:

    Miriam is star in the making, confident, articulate and passionate for Scotland. More please.
    This is what generation YES should be, a stirring of our young people to the fantastic opportunities in a free,
    and sovereign Country, which could become an shining example to the world.

  4. Brilliant. You are a credit not only to your mother, family and step dad but to your age group.

  5. Margot will be smiling…

  6. yerkitbreeks says:

    I wish I was young again and mixing with people like this.

  7. Alba4Eva says:

    Absolutely fantastic… Cheered me up this morning. 🙂

  8. YESGUY says:

    Miriam Brett well done.

    The younger generation are not the blind loyal fools that their parents were. They won’t stand by quietly watching our country being dragged into war ,watch our industries fail and disabled and children in this country go hungry.

    It’s a breath of fresh air to hear the young stand up for Scotland whilst the BT warn us of doom for having the belief that we can build a fairer and just society. It’s a relief to know that my generation who allowed this to happen , who failed by blindly following party protocol, are being told by our children that the Scotland they inherit will not be bound by the party line and loyalties. They see a better future , One with hope and for me that’s the difference . HOPE

    If Scotland is to thrive , then let it be in this generation , They will push Scotland forward. They will bring newer ideas . As a parent and grandparent I hear their voices and it’s time the older one like me, sit up and listen to what our young men and women say

    A no vote says “I do not trust my son/daughter to run their own affairs. A no vote means that many of our brightest and best leave because they have no opportunities in their home country. A no vote means i trust anyone else but my own to govern this country.

    Well i say vote YES and let our children build a country we can be proud of. We had so many chances but failed. They only need one chance and i have absolute belief that we will take it. And i have much more faith in our young than i would ever have in the leaders that my generation have placed their faith in.

    I trust my sons and daughters. I will vote YES

  9. Alan Webster says:

    I can become sad if reading papers or watching TV thinking about a possible future if its a no vote but then I hear this speech and I’m sure that hope will triumph and the better fairer future so well spoken about will become a reality
    Again well done and thank you

  10. Flower of Scotland says:

    Well done Miriam! Absolutely inspiring!

  11. Dinns_fash says:

    Such a beautiful thing.

  12. Hugh Wallace says:

    Reblogged this on Are We Really Better Together? and commented:
    Well worth 11 minutes of your time.

  13. Jake Gittes says:

    In common with many, I started off despairing at what I thought was the shallowness of the engagement by the young in the debate. Perhaps , I thought, more motivated by the culture of “celebrity” and the X Factor than the prospect of independence. Yet it is the young who have most to gain from a YES vote.

    But there is evidence of change. I see it with my own eyes in my local YES group and contributions from this lassie here merely confirm it. What a star. Compassionate, intelligent, articulate, authentic, she would get my vote any day. The moribund Westminster model is broken. Miriam and kids like her are the future of Scotland. But only independence will give them the area here within which to flourish.

    The alternative? The sterile status quo in which British Nationalist bread and circuses in the form of Royal pageants, Army Days, War celebrations, Team GB and the Proms are the narcotic of choice used to anesthetise us from a closer understanding of the brutish, undemocratic and unequal Union State.

  14. dg299 says:

    Well said and well done, Miriam Brett.

    Please share this video widely – eleven and a half minutes is not a lot to ask of people. Get your friends and families to watch it, to listen to her: She manages to put the heart of the indy movement into clear, concise phrases, imbued with passion and conviction.

    I’ve heard the complaint from No voters that “these speeches and editorials raise more questions than they answer.” That’s exactly right – and since when have we ever been given an answer that effectively addressed our concerns? Answers won’t put food on the table. The questions will drive the change.

    Answers will come in time – Independence will not be easy but it is a path to the country Scotland wants to be.

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