The Top 20 Indy Posters are…

These are our top 20 shortlisted poster entries (in no particular order). The winner will be announced at Hemma Bar, Edinburgh (7-9 pm) Friday 5 September.

Winner wins £1000 and we will print 10,000 of their poster.

Congratulations to Fraser Croall, Ciaran Murphy, Rosie Balyuzi, G Connelly, Dhivya Kate Chetty, Fergus Walker, Andrew Mac, Gabriel Durnham, Jamie Rose, Lillias Kinsman-Blake, Helena Torry, R Campbell, Doug Summers, Simon Chadwick, Martin Laird, Maxwell McKilligan, Stewart Bremner and Ritchie Feenie.

Please feel free to leave comments about which poster you like best and why …



Fraser Croall

Ritchie Feenie

Ritchie Feenie


Ciaran Murphy

yes MOUNTAIN copy

Rosie Balyuzi


G Connelly


Dhivya Kate Chetty

Indyref poster FW print

Fergus Walker

Andrew Mac

Andrew Mac

Yes To Progress

Gabriel Durnham

Jamie Rose

Jamie Rose

Lillians Kinsman-Blake

Lillias Kinsman-Blake



Helena Torry

R Campbell

R Campbell

Doug Summers

Doug Summers


Simon Chadwick


Martin Laird

Maxwell McKilligan

Maxwell McKilligan

Stewart Bremner

Stewart Bremner

Ritchie Feenie

Ritchie Feenie


Ciaran Murphy

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    1. Hi olive am Capricorn myself but the 1 am warmin to most is the big yes now Scotland

      The heat and simplicity from this poster is amazing the colours chosen to are just warming although all the pics are nice and creative a blogged this pic before and it was meet online and with family and friends as the best poster they have seen

    2. Kirsty Gilchrist says:

      Doug Summers is fab – whichever way you look at it you know it makes sense! V clever!

  1. Patrick says:

    It’s Andrew Mac’s butterflies for me. It’s Winnie Ewings “stop the world, Scotland wants to get on” captured in art.

    1. A liked that to Patrick but the complixity of it means limited appeal political messages are best simplistic so to appeal to a broad mix it’s been a great competion and lets hope all the posters end up in a museum or on display in our parliament a love art although am a builder am a big frank McFadden fan banksy bob Kane arts a great topic and has gave us a chance to be critical in or reviews Roy listenstain screaming lady was cool to thou

      1. Move over Roy there’s a new screaming lady Jamie Rosie’s screaming scots lady

    2. Andrew says:

      It’s the butterflies for me too!

      1. Marconatrix says:

        Yep, goes straight to the heart, to innocence, to hope. Hope for something really beautiful 🙂

    3. Sheena Fraser says:

      Exactly Patrick – I just love the butterfly one. It is a work of art rather than just a poster.

  2. Tog says:

    Standard is more than impressive. The Ciaran Murphy is striking and very likeable and might be my favorite but the butterfly’s, the Jamie Rose one, the Fergus Mac and the last one gets the message across and is very elegant. That is just personal preference as I can’t see a weak design among them.

    1. Bruce Alexander says:

      Butterflies or the interconnected wires one. All good in their own way

  3. iainmclarty says:

    They’re all great but the butterfly is fantastic particularly because it says so much but without needing to use words and as seen as you see words people start to find counterarguments to them.


    I adore this, as it really makes a simple but profound statement of intention.

    Damn right, and let’s do it!

  5. Dean Richardson says:

    There are some really good posters there, and it’s a shame some other good designs had to miss the cut. My favourite is possibly the one comparing France in 1789 with Scotland in 2014. You folks in Scotland can achieve some significant social and political progress, but without the bloodshed. Let’s hope other nations head the same way.

    I’m not sure how the people of Shetland will feel about Ritchie Feenie’s poster omitting their islands.

  6. Derek Morison says:

    I love Andrew Mac’s butterflies. It is arresting and beautiful and gets its message across perfectly without any text.

  7. Clootie says:

    1. Andrew Mac – butterflies. So simple but conveys so much. Perfect
    2. Ferguson Walker – artistic and represents the moment
    3. Chiya Kate Cherry – links new and old with a touch of humour
    4. Ciaran Murphy – subtle message, colourful

    These four stand out in my opinion

    1. Dhivya Kate Chetty actually -ma wean !I think they are all gorgeous and the judges will struggle!

  8. Seamus MacNeacail says:

    Can’t say it much better than:

    “For so long as one hundred men remain alive,
    we shall never under any conditions submit to the
    domination of the English.

    It is not for glory or riches or honours that we fight,
    but only for liberty, which no good man will
    consent to lose but with his life.”
    The Declaration of Arbroath, 1320

  9. Kenny says:

    So many excellent posters. Great work everyone. My top picks are based on the ones that gave me goosebumps upon reading them, really powerful messages. In no particular order… Andrew Mac, Dhivya Kate Cherry, Ritchie Feenie and Ciaran Murphy.

    1. bellacaledonia says:

      Thanks Kenny

  10. Alistair says:

    Andrew Mac butterflies. You have to pause and engage with the message.

    1. oldbattle says:

      So much talent!! Great entries. (Wish they had come out earlier.) I once a had great book of Cuban posters edited by Susan Sonstan and it would be good to see a book with all of these!
      Engagement with a poster is not quite enough : it should have in it “a call to action “-to DO something ! Ciaran Murphy ticks all boxes, tradition and modernity, the call and bold assertive image GREAT!!

      Andrew Mac runner up for a beautiful visual poem but with just weeks to go poems may not be enough!

      1. bellacaledonia says:

        Agreed about message / action in posters. Each of the finalists has this in them in their own way: from Lillian Kinsman Blake’s ‘strong roots’ concept to the Ayepad’s ‘progressive download idea to Fergus Walker’s rural decentralised Scotland ‘flourishing’. Ritchie Feenie’s quote if from Abe Lincoln, Dhivya Kate Chetty has humour and history, Gabriel Durnham equates Yes with progress, Jamie Mann’s image is simple but specific and aspirational, while Rosie Balyuzi puts a smile on my face every time I look at it…

  11. helenatorry says:

    Hi folks. Thank you for adding my Women For Independence poster to that amazing shortlist. I am very honoured by it. Unfortunately you put my name down as Helen. It should have been Helena Torry. Sorry I can’t make the exhibition today or next week. Whoever wins I wish them all the best. It is a wonderful competition & a wonderful chance to decide our own destiny on 18th September. Power to the people! xx

    1. bellacaledonia says:

      Fixed now, apologies Helena

      1. helenatorry says:

        Thank you so much.

    2. Maggie Craig says:

      Helena, I love your poster linking the suffragettes to the indyref. As you will know, so many of the suffragettes were socialists and so many of the Scottish ones also home rulers.

  12. JimnArlene says:

    I like the butterfly one, but Arlene is terrified of butterflies. The wrapping paper one is my favourite one though, whichever way you look at it.

  13. Morag says:

    The one I liked from the long list isn’t there!

    So different! It depends on the context, too. I love the butterflies, on my computer or on my phone, but when I printed it out in A3 and put it in my window, it didn’t seem to have the same impact. I think you need to contemplate it.

    Really, whichever one wins, nobody will be able to complain because they’re all so good. To appeal to undecideds – Rosie (just so direct and in your face), Maxwell (concentrates the mind) and Helena (parallels with the suffragettes, who now would advocate a No to that). But there isn’t a dud among them.

    1. bellacaledonia says:

      Yes I think that’s a good point – these are to have an impact. That makes a difference in thinking about it.

      1. Garrion says:

        Depends on scale and context. The butterflies are perfect within “touching distance” of the poster. In a window one would have to work the composition to enlarge and simplify the elements of the message to be understood from a greater distance. I could see the poster campaign in phases, first a print run in paper media that the observer can stand in front of or read, the second just a large butterfly in windows etc. Magic, powerful, wordless, truthful.

  14. James D says:

    pssst … there’s only 18 … just saying like.

    1. bellacaledonia says:

      There’s really not : )

      1. James D says:

        I saw what you did there 😉

  15. Donald Balsillie says:

    1) Ciara Murphy
    2) Ritchie Feenie
    2) Andrew Mac with some more butterflies!
    3) R Champbell

  16. Catherine says:

    So wonderful! I’m very taken with the liber tae one, that’s clever and beautiful too, linking to the original declaration of human rights.

  17. forsythdeirdre says:

    I like the R campbell one; Scotland from a different perspective and made me smile

  18. Hen Broon says:

    I love the butterflies and could see Ritchie Feenie’s one as a t-shirt I’d wear pretty frequently over the next three weeks! Any tips on how I could get one of those?

  19. It has to be Andrew Mac’s butterflies. I felt a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye as soon as I saw it. So simple and so beautiful, it gets the point across perfectly.

    1. Morag says:

      I felt that too, but a lot of the people I have shown it to have had to have it explained to them. Yessers love it to bits but the undecided and unengaged often don’t seem to get it. Even to the point of not realising that the butterflies are countries bearing their own flags as their wing pattern.

      I totally love it to bits, but if we’re talking billboards then I wonder whether one of the others might have more immediate impact.

      1. Colin Dunn says:

        Its the invitation to stop and think about its meaning and implications that is part of its irresistible hook, and that makes it ultimately so effective. Also, these little touches of colour on a mostly white billboard would be a killer.

      2. Marconatrix says:

        Good point. On billboards it would have to be a “slow burner”, something that slowly grew on folk and eventually got under their skin. Maybe there’s just still time for that. For a quick impact near the day, maybe the Create your Future one has a good punch.

  20. IGF says:

    All excellent! Glad I don’t have to pick the winner. Don’t pick just one to use – the best of these – maybe top 5 – need to be seen, and the variety would give the right messages in different ways! Surely a truer reflection of the different groups all pulling together for YES. The Women for Independence one is great.

  21. Hugh Marnoch says:

    Same Scotland – Different Approach = perfect! makes you stop, makes you think, says it all.

  22. Richard says:

    Loads of great designs, but Andrew Mac’s butterflies get my vote. It is head & shoulders above the rest.

  23. Calums4YES says:

    Why posters – why not have them all printed as collectible beer mats/coasters?

  24. lizard100 says:

    I love them all. But the butterflies are beautiful!

  25. rosestrang says:

    So much talent! I love both Ciaran Murphy ones, probably the woman with red hair one most as it’s uplifting, also Fergus Walker, that’s a beautiful design, subtle, eye catching – all about sea, water and connectedness, very Scottish!
    It would be good to have these available as a series, it would be a good fund raiser too, though you’ve no doubt got plans re that already!

  26. Katrina says:

    The Unicorn for me. Says it all.

  27. Ewan says:

    Andrew Mac’s butterflies. Purely visual, takes a moment to sink in. The sort of thing you can see again and again without it getting old.

    Several others also excellent. The ayepad made me smile.

  28. Colin Dunn says:

    Andrew Mac’s butterflies, hands down. Captures so much of the possibilities of independence in such simplicity.

  29. wanvote says:

    Fergus Walker’s caught my eye and imagination. He shows the spread and interconnections of Scotland & asks the question while graphically displaying the answer – links and communication bringing us all together.

  30. Stacey Barbour says:

    I love the butterfly one. Butterflies symbolise new life. The caterpillar hides away in a cocoon. It’s dark, scary but in the end It breaks free and emerges as a beautiful butterfly. Independence may seem scary to some, but in the end it’ll be beautiful 🙂

  31. MBC says:

    I love them all so it’s hard to choose. It would depend on what context you wanted to display them in. In the context of the vote I think Scotland Be Brave is the most compelling. It speaks to me because it exhorts us to courage but in a gentle way. It brings out the female, the inner soul. It is the anima not the animus. I also like the unicorn and the butterflies.

  32. Annie Reid says:

    It’s the butterflies for me.

  33. manandboy says:

    who would have believed that a butterfly could stir the soul of a nation and release its captive longings.

  34. Ruairidh Morrison says:

    They’re all great, but the butterflies are my favourite.

  35. douglas clark says:

    I’ve had a print out of the butterflies up on the wall for about a month now. It never get’s old.

  36. Billy Sangster says:

    Andrew Mac’s butterflies for me. Simple, perfect. 🙂

  37. Karen says:

    I like the ayepad, relates to all the young uns, but they are all amazing.

  38. Maggie Craig says:

    Particularly grabbed by women for independence, are you out for independence and the unicorn but love all of these. Take a bow, talented people.

  39. Tarry Breeks says:

    I love butterflies by Andrew Mac, it sums up or choice beautifully. The winds of independence may buffet and blow us in unexpected and unwanted directions but we will still be soaring in the sky free to make or own way in the world. #voteYes


    The poster that appeals to me most is the Rosie Balyuzi big yes now a was speaking to my friends in the art world of glasgow and they agreed with me that it’s warm friendly and pulls you to shout yes out loud all thou they are all great and full of creativity this poster oozes pulling appeal to every part of society

    1. Sarah Maciver says:

      Where can I buy one of these posters?? I love the deer one with big vote now

      1. Hi Sarah the grass roots is free share you just do it at asda or a digital print shop cup posters and key rings printer or u could do a canvass for any other info contact bella Caledonia website good luck to u drop by anytime and a hope Scotland delivers a big yes for u !

  41. The poster that appeals to me most is the Rosie Balyuzi big yes now a was speaking to my friends in the art world of glasgow and they agreed with me that it’s warm friendly and pulls you to shout yes out loud all thou they are all great and full of creativity this poster oozes pulling appeal to every part of society

  42. Capella says:

    Impossible to choose only one.Someone suggested having 5 which is a great idea. My own favourite is the Ciaran Murphy “Scotland be brave”. Like the message and the image.

  43. Mark Horn says:

    These are all great – love the wee Scottish Butterfly though 🙂

  44. macart763 says:

    No particular order, but Andrew Mac, Helena Torry, R. Campbell. stand out for me. So many great entries and ideas though.

  45. These are fantastic, but Andrew Mac’s is so simple, powerful and emotional.

    Congratulations to all!

  46. Reblogged this on Bampots Utd and commented:
    Although all the posters are nice bampotsutd likes
    The most it’s just so cool so it’s a big hail hail to all the artists from bampotsutd the home of the internet bampotsutd that laugh at sevco and the sfa god bless you and Scotland and it’s a big thank you to all the artists for giving us the chance to be art critics for the day

  47. Alan Mackintosh says:

    The ” best way to predict future is to create it” cannot go out like that. You cannot simply cut off Shetland and expect that to be an acceptable image of Scotland. That just plays into Tavish Scott/Carmichaels hands to imply that Scotland ignores the Islands. Either withdraw it or get it amended to include the isles. It must not go out in its present form, and frankly I’m surprised you allowed it in as it is at the moment. Apart from that, some good images, although of the Unicorns listed in the long list list cant agree that you went for the best one. Really like the “wired” one.

  48. killahtron says:

    Andrew Mac’s. By a good margin.

  49. Stuart McGregor says:

    The butterflies – it has to be. We are just moving to where we belong

  50. Mr W says:

    They are superb, but the Butterflies are outstanding. It is the only one that hits both the emotional and intellectual buttons…

    Scotland is catching up… and it is beautiful.

  51. David McGill says:

    Well done to each and every artist. I like them all.

  52. MrsW says:

    Andrew Mac’s butterflies – gives me butterflies – absolutely LOVE it

  53. Yes I saw the butterflies on WoS ages ago and I thought then, this is it. So subtle, so discreet, makes you think.

  54. Malcolm says:

    ‘Scotland be brave, say Yes’

    Ultimately, the sentiment will make many decide.

    This one is right to the point.

  55. daisyglaisy says:

    Love the Women for Independence poster – the women I’ve met whilst campaigning this year have been so inspirational and this poster is beautiful.
    Also love Dhivya Chetty’s poster and it was fantastic to have her work in our Aye Inspired indyref exhibition this summer. She was one of the most popular artists.
    And as a fan of typography, Ritchie Feenie’s poster appeals to me, I’d have that on my wall too.
    Loads of great work – well done to all – all winners!

  56. daisyglaisy says:

    I love the Women for Independence poster – the women I have met whilst campaigning this year have been so inspirational, and this poster is beautiful.
    I’m a huge fan of Dhivya Chetty’s work and it was fantastic to have her artwork in our Aye Inspired indyref exhibition this summer.
    As a fan of typography, I love Ritchie Feenie’s poster, I’d have that on my wall too!
    Well done to everyone, they’re all brilliant, and all winners.

  57. goforchris says:

    Andrew Mac’s butterflies. Simply beautiful; absolutely says it all.

  58. vronsky says:

    The Butterflies poster is wonderful and I hope there will soon be an opportunity for us to get good quality prints, but as other above have mentioned it lacks impact and we’re short of time. It appeals to converts, but a poster needs to reach beyond that. So I’d pick Jamie Rose’s simple and vivid ‘Yes’.

  59. soralochiel says:

    The butterflies are amazingly beautiful and so simple. Alternatively, I like the ayepad for being clever and shiny.

  60. Optimistic Till I Die says:

    I’ve skipped reading the comments to ensure they don’t influence me. I guess I’m old fashioned (certainly oldish at a young 70) and rather conservative and old fashioned in my taste but I though four of the posters stood out. I particularly liked Dhivya’s message and in one respect it was top of my list but the French Revolution’s association with violence put me of somewhat despite its stirring message, Fergus’ live wire (communication) Scotland was deemed up to date and just as good but I felt the message wasn’t catchy enough, Jamie’s Raphealite woman is great (just like one of my daughters’). That left Ritchie’s Predict your future is to create it. Simple, straightforward, eye catching and true to the ideals that motivate many Yes supporters. I’d go for it.

    However, it isn’t me the poster is intended to influence. Although this is a competition, it’s a competition to produce a poster to influence voters. I would therefore pre test the most popular on a sample of voters in the most relevant social group.

  61. Jan says:

    Andrew Mac’s butterflies are really beautiful – serene and iconic

  62. alharron says:



  63. So hard to choose. In no particular order I like: Ciaran Murphy’s Yes to Scotland for it’s imagery – it sums up icons of Scotland for me, Helena Torry’s Women for Indy is just such a powerful message with a great historical x-reference, Andrew Mac’s butterflies is beautiful but I don’t do the flag waving thing comfortably, Fergus Walker’s interconnected lights is a stunning image let down by the text, and Rosie Balyuzi’s Big Yes Scotland is just so fecking cheerful and motivating. Inspiring stuff.

  64. Morva Wortley says:

    Morva Wortley For me it has to be the Ayepad poster. When my grandchildren ask me what I did in the great social revolution of 2014? – I will be able to reply “well kids it was a 21st century revolution so we didn’t use bullets and bombs – I fought for it on twitter with my iPad”…….

  65. Paul says:

    Loved Ciaran Murphys design G Connelly Ayepad also deserves a special mention for sure.

    1. Beau says:

      For the purpose of the referendum the Ayepad should win it.

  66. kirstie porteous says:

    Love andrew macs poster. I have it saved on my phone as wallpaper. Scotland is ready to fly and join other independent countries….to me it is beautiful xx

  67. as always its a real pity there have to be losers,in terms of the competition,here as I think they are all excellent.Still.the Butterflies do it for me.Simple and uplifting.

  68. The Doug Summers ‘Which Ever Way You Look At It’ is the one for me – all great though

  69. Raymond Barnett says:

    Andrew Macs Butterflies – says it all really…

  70. Donnie Montgomery says:

    Love the Butterflies – Excellent

  71. wrongsideoftheborder says:

    I’d love to have every last one of these. They’re all so incredible and inspiring.

    Are the printable PDFs available? Or will any of these except the winner ever be sold?

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