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Ch ch ch Changes

we-are-citizen-journalismWithout wanting to get all Tony Blair and, ‘you know’, clutch a coffee cup and say ‘we’re listening’ … but …

There’s a few changes coming down the way on Bella Caledonia. You’ll soon be able to edit your own comments and to ‘Like’ other peoples. A simple thing I know, but an improvement.

There will also be a page for each writer so you can follow your favorite writers and search out their previous-writing easier.

We had a few glitches when we moved to our new site and we’ve been working hard to sort them out across all platforms and browsers. Thanks for your patience, well some of you anyway : )

We also fixed it so everybody should be getting your email notifications of new posts. Are you?

Bunch of new features coming out soon too. More news soon.

We’ve also listened to feedback on the font which a number of people didn’t like – so we changed it. We also will soon be adding an Instagram account where some of Scotland’s finest photographers will be uploading rights free photographs for y’all.

Finally we are delighted to announce a new imprint of the best of Bella’s essays and articles coming out this Autumn (more details soon).



If you like Bella Caledonia and want us to continue and develop we need you support – please donate to our appeal fund here – and if you can share the link on Facebook. Thank You.

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  1. Itchybiscuit says:

    Good stuff. Looking forward to the future of BC, as t holds to account both the media and the lies that lying politicians try to sell.

    On another note, although not by any means one of ‘Scotland’s finest photographers’, my photography is Scottish-flavoured and I thought I’d provide a link to my Flickr? Hopefully that’s permissible…


    1. Very permissible Mr Itchy Biscuits. Glad you like what we’re trying to do. I hope we can meet our target to continue.

  2. Diogenes says:

    as a progressive voter I’m convinced the only way forward for the left leaning is to develop a peoples press untainted by corporate/press baron ownership, BC is probably my favourite political blog and offers a glimpse of the future

    1. SteveT says:

      I’m a former tabloid hack & I totally agree, Diogenes. The scary, concerted Pravda-style offensive by the corporate media on Labour and the SNP – closely echoing the messaging from Tory HQ – during the election showed that right now, they own the narrative. Their next target will of course be the Human Rights Act (they hate it because it’s effectively a privacy law that has allowed the victims of hacking to get justice and huge damages), followed closely by an all-out assault on EU membership wrapped up in anti-immigration propaganda. And then there’s the TTIP and fracking as the elephants in the room. The need for a crowd-funded peoples press has never been greater, and I’d love hear from others who would like to band together to make it happen

  3. Strategist says:

    Well folks, we’ve got 12 days left to find £28,534 to keep this show on the road and reward fairly the quality we’re served up each day for free. I lobbed in £20 and feel better for it. I’m sorry it wasn’t more.

      1. ColinD says:

        Hopefully you’ll raise the full £50k but if you don’t is there a Plan B? Like take some ads, voluntary subs starting at £x per month, merchandising… etc?

        1. Hi Colin
          yeah we have plans to create other income streams, including selling some niche advertising and selling-on articles as well as other fundraising events, but we really need to get a base of support to be viable. Hopefully we can get there. Thanks.

  4. HiltonTongs says:

    Look forward tae new changes.I’m nae a moaner but the new site still nae working in my browser and I have to say the new layout isnae a patch on the original .If aint broke etc.. 🙂 otherwise keep up the good work.

  5. dennis mclaughlin says:

    Bella,I first stumbled upon your site via Wings Over Scotland’s links section.
    Nice wee surprise too!.
    Your site no longer is listed in Stu’s links…?.

    1. Yeah, you’d need to ask him about that

  6. Shehanne Moore says:

    It all sounds great. Looking forward to your imprint coming out.

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