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  • International

    The Clenched Fist of Truth

    We have occasionally focused on the sorry task of Charting American Fascism – but it’s a busy old world and too often the term ‘fascist’ is […]

    28th Jun'17 2
  • Commentary
    28th Jun'17 3
  • Austerity Britain

    True Divide

    It’s funny when politicians deride those advocating change in Scotland as stirring up “division”. The true division is a society disfigured by poverty and inequality, […]

    28th Jun'17 1
  • #Indyref2

    Marmalade Tales

    And then Auntie Nicola picked up the wee jar of whisky marmalade she’d been saving up for those cold Brexit winter nights, and she moved […]

    28th Jun'17 22
  • Social Movement

    An Open Invite

    The National Yes Registry is a groundbreaking innovative communication tool that will help boost and connect the independence movement …

    27th Jun'17 2
  • Postcard
    27th Jun'17 1
  • Austerity Britain

    The Revolving Door

    Yesterday HMS Queen Elizabeth, the first QE Class aircraft carrier, set sail from Rosyth to start sea trials off the north-east of Scotland. The First Sea […]

    Mike Small 27th Jun'17 11
  • Commentary

    Gaslighting Scotland

    It’s the marching season in Belfast and Glasgow. The ethno-religious superiority of the Protestants will be on display emboldened by their pact and their raid […]

    Mike Small 26th Jun'17 14
  • Poetry

    Lean Bastards

    Kate Tempest’s searing opening at Glastonbury is worth a listen and a share …  

    26th Jun'17 4
  • Commentary

    Not Barnettable

      The (notional) Secretary of State for Scotland couldn’t really have been any clearer:   The deal murders devolution as well as the English language […]

    Mike Small 26th Jun'17 16
  • Scots

    Moniaive or Bust

    Hit’s the nicht afore A’m giein ma brent new lecture Scots Language in Comics (142AD tae 2017) at the Moniaive Comic Festival an hit’s jist […]

    Michael Dempster 26th Jun'17 4
  • Interview

    How is Theresa May still in power?

    Owen Jones interviews Frankie Boyle. On Britain’s faux morality, independence, self-censorship and moral outrage …

    26th Jun'17 1
  • Commentary

    Glastonbury Blues

    So Corbyn spoke at Glastonbury reciting Shelley and it went down a storm and the right has gone into meltdown. Cultural incomprehension met petted-lip. Fraser […]

    Mike Small 25th Jun'17 20

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