The Scottish Select Affairs Committee Problem

Salmond effortlessly patronising the Tories while examining EVEL.

Spoiler warning this shows arcane Westminster weirdo democracy dialogue at its worst

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  1. John Fullerton says:

    Bella Caledonia has improved by leaps and bounds since its inception. There is now so much good stuff to read, and the quality of the writing and editing is now of a very high standard. It certainly has my support, limited though that may be.

  2. bringiton says:

    Do the Tories really want to make things so brazenly clear to Scots.
    England’s Tory government running Scotland’s affairs without a democratic mandate
    (not that they have much of one in England either mind you).
    If Scots were to hold a referendum tomorrow about which electoral system to adopt for our parliament,how much support would there be for the current Westminster one?

  3. Les Wilson says:

    So essentially Westminster seeks to appoint Mp’s who have little interest and even less legitimacy
    to control the Scottish committees. This is hardly going to help their “Union”, where genuine and legitimate Scottish rights can be fiddled with, by numbers. So well put by Alex Salmond.
    It is a recipe for constant strife, why can they not see that.

    The Union, the Union, is ALL they care about, they care that Scotland remains but all for their use,
    not in any way for their love of our Country. Just one more example of how they want to contain us, and it will not work, just bring more mayhem to their archaic and undemocratic system.

    1. MBC says:

      I think it is quite clear what they are doing: they have grasped that they have the power to rule us without our consent and are being quite brazen about it. They are in effect saying to us: ‘So what are you going to do about it?’

      They will attempt to further consolidate their imperial control.

      They established their military control over the Holy Loch with only a whimper over 60 years ago. Opposition continues to be a whimper.

      They are in control of the fiscal-military state that is the UK so they don’t give a hoot.

      I don’t know how we get out of this one but I do think there should be moves on two fronts.

      1. Internationally, by gaining support for Scottish independence from the international community and the EU. Scotland’s situation is sui generis, that’s the point that should be made. You can’t compare it to Quebec or Catalonia. We were an ancient European nation with sovereignty which we gave up voluntarily by an international treaty in order to build and participate in the British Empire in a mercantile age when European powers were involved in competitive struggle to control overseas territories. Empire gone, and that state of affairs gone, we now wish to reclaim our sovereignty.

      2. In civil society. By extra-parliamentary activity. We have to convince No voters that their position is no longer tenable. The Yes campaign was a positive one. Whilst still continuing to be positive, about our hopes, our potential, our values, we now have to convince them that the UK is a threat to Scotland and their comfort zones.

  4. Iain says:

    No point in posting it if it is private!

  5. Luan says:

    “Please sign in to view this video”.

  6. MBC says:

    How do you sign in to view? Where?

  7. James Coleman says:

    Vid is ‘private’ to me too. And there is no signing in block.

    1. Sorry. Trying to fix. I don’t understand why some are viewing it fine and others cant.

      1. MBC says:

        I was trying to view from an iPad. Maybe that was it?

      2. Peter Williams says:

        Was able to watch on Huffington Post yesterday – brilliant.
        What a bunch of vicious bastards are the Tory ruling class.
        I live in Wales and follow the brilliant articles of Bellacaledonia.
        Wish we had something as good here

  8. Brian Fleming says:

    When I try to view the video, I’m asked to sign in. Sign in where? Sign in how? No idea, but damned annoying.

  9. Scotsfox says:

    Private for me too on PC.

  10. AYEMAN says:

    I have the same problem as Scotsfox. the video is private and I cannot access it on my pc.

  11. Edison Ortega says:

    Same here, I tried to watch it this morning away from home on my phone and it was fine for a few minutes then became blurry and then stop altogether. I assumed problems with wifi.
    Tried to watch at home now with good wifi but screen is blank and I’m being asked to sign in. Clearly gremlins at work?

  12. Muscleguy says:

    It’s private for me too on a Mac, both here and on YouTube.

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